Blessed 2013

This year, I have been so blessed. I’ve got a job in which I am earning just enough to handle what I need.
Just a story to tell, our family truly struggles before just to live. My father is a staff at a law firm in which his salary is not enough to support our needs that’s why he needed to work as a driver even on Sundays. My mom is a housewife. I’ve seen on my father’s face how tired he is that’s why I told myself I would finish my course and will not let myself be unemployed. Then finally, it happened. I had a job. I was able to give shares to my mama and papa for our finances. The things that I can buy now are just some of the proofs how blessed I am. I am not being boastful but I am just so happy that I can give them what they want and need.

This last Christmas day, I think was the most bountiful Christmas we’ve had. 🙂 I am just so thankful to God. I just wished that this year would be another blast!

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