The Top 20 Things I would like to accomplish this 2014

I am listing my TOP 20 things to accomplish this year. I just hope 12 months would be enough. 🙂

1. Record a song.

2. Travel to atleast 3 provinces

3. Be promoted

4. Save more money.

5. Watch my boyfriend’s gig

6. Buy a tablet

7. Have a dinner at a very nice restaurant

8. If i will not get a promotion, i am rooting for a new job.

9. Buy a flat screen tv

10. Make atleast 3 blog entries a month

11. Lose weight

12. Celebrate my birthday with my loved ones

13. Go on a long vacation

14. Write a poem

15. Get a new phone

16. Read lots of books

17. Attend my younger sister’s graduation

18. Get a massage

19. Go on a facial

20. Dye my hair

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