A Letter For My Future Child

Hi baby, I know the time when you have read this, you’ll think you’re mommy is crazy. But I just want you to know what I feel right now of having to see you soon when I am already married and ready to have you. Ssshhh. This is just a secret, mommy is thinking to be married and to have you by age 28 or 29. 🙂 By now, mommy is turning 24, that rocks right? As of now mommy is soon to fulfill her dreams!  (I will start working on my new company soon, your mommy was hired as a Database Admin/Trainer. Great yeah!) And this year is my lucky year, baby!

Maybe you’ll get to read this when you are already 10? 20? 30 years old? Or maybe when I am dead. Or how about when you learned how to use the internet! (Children are so techie now, eh?!)

You know what? I love babies! I love cuddling babies. You know you’re kuya MM right? My nephew? I love hugging him and cuddle him when he was a little boy. I love hearing baby laughs too! Now, I am daydreaming how loud would be your laugh, how wide would be your smile, and how tight you’ll hug me!

Mommy loves singing, how about you? I hope you do too! I’ll enroll you to a music school if you want, baby. Do you want to learn how to play drums? How about guitar? The piano? Or you just want to sing? Oh! I’m excited to know!

When I was in school, I also join program and there I dance with my friends and I also joined cheerdance. You? What do you want? Do you want me to enroll you on a ballet class? How about ballroom? That’s awesome, baby! Or maybe you could be a cheer leader! How about that?

Mommy is an Engineer, a Computer Engineer. You know what, for you? I still can’t think what I want you to be. Maybe you could be the first Filipina or Filipino astronaut who would go through the Black Hole and travel back in time. I bet you could be a chemist who would discover how to cure cancer permanently with just one dose of medicine. Or maybe you could be a great Architect who’ll design the house that you’re mommy has always dreamed.  🙂

Could you be a girl or a boy? Or maybe I have two babies who shall see this letter I am making now, Two? How about three?

Will you have a curly hair? Big eyes? Brown eyes? Will you be taller than me when you reached 12? I am really wondering now.:)

Mommy dreams to have her own house together with her whole family. (Note, mommy has a boyfriend now, his name is Budjie, and mommy dreams him to be his husband, your daddy! 😀 ) Mommy, wanted you to study hard when you’re already at school. I could be demanding but I dream of you going home with big stars on your hand, awards and medals too!

But baby, remember, although mommy has these dreams, please remember that when she finally sees you, whatever you will be, and whoever you will be, she’ll always be your ever loving mother who shall hug and kiss you everyday and until the end of her life.

Kisses. ❤


10:40 PM 4/17/2014




PS. This is a letter for my future child. Dont get me wrong, I am not pregnant. Hahaha. I was just thinking for a great blog post when this topic came on my mind. :p




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