Always at his back


I have always been the number one fan of my boyfriend’s talent on playing the drums. (Well, I believe I am) And,  I always feel proud when someone praises him because of them being amazed when they saw him playing. But I will share to you the thing that I myself consider as the proudest moments when he does the thing. 🙂

Alot may say that I am a stage girlfriend, I may say that I am not, or maybe I am in some ways.

Just take a peak at the picture. 🙂

I  am actually sitting behind (while scrolling on my tablet’s screen) during his band practice. I am always like that, well most of the time I may say. And the reason why I am is because he wanted to. 🙂 For me, it feels so overwhelming that he wanted me beside/behind him when he is playing. Maybe because he is at ease or maybe he just wanted me beside him. Isn’t that sweet?

So to those who are like me, don’t be bitter when they say you’re a stage girlfriend. Be proud! ❤



P.S. Dont worry. I just sit beside him on his practices. Not on actual gigs. hahahaha! 🙂


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