Farewell is not Death

“A farewell to my shadow is not my death; it’s my rebirth in darkness.” 
― Munia Kahn



Farewells always mean tears, hugs and goodbyes, but for the farewell I am making, I am not with tears on my eyes for I know this is just the start of my humble beginning.

My one (1) year of stay in our company is truly worth of a stay. I met you all, I shared laugh with you, I have let you know what my ups and downs, and most of all, I knew lessons that I keep in my heart.

This blog may sound so emotional to you people, but this is my way to express how I feel towards working with each of you. You know how I treasure you guys.

Way back February 2013, I accepted the fact that companies need people who has lots and solid experience on Information Technology first before they would hire you as one of their I.T. staff, engineers and others. That time, I was hopeless. I am a Computer Engineering graduate with a lot less experience than other applicants. I am not even a CCNA which is one of the certifications some companies prefer for an applicant. Out of hopelessness, I tried my luck again in a BPO company. (Well most of you know that I already came from 2 BPOs which I left because I really wanted to pursue Engineering) And then, I passed all the exams and interviews at SPi Global (formerly E-PLDT Ventus).

I have to be on training first, as you all know, and there I met my wavemates. People I won’t forget are Janine and Kristine. Ja, you became the most irritating person at first I have ever met. Talkative, loud, liberated, but things changed when I started to know you more. I then knew how sweet, loving and thoughtful you are. Tintin, another loud person I’ve met, a loving mother to her children and another sweet one. You’re the one whom I became really close. Lagi tayo magkasama pag natatransfer ng ibang team. You are such a lovely girl.

Well, I never have thought that I could last in the company for more than a year. What I was just thinking before is I just need an experience and that I will just be in the company for few months. But it changed because of the friends I knew, you guys. It even crossed my mind that I wanted to be a trainer or a QA then. I then wanted to be regularized, I made the “PVC ID” my motivation, I don’t want the laminated ID anymore, I wanted the PVC. I worked harder; I even strived for being on top.


id frontAnd so I got it.

Days passed, weeks and months. New friends, new team mates, new team leaders.

But life in a BPO is very dynamic, a lot of changes came. Changes I personally considered so hard to take. But I kept on going. I believed those are just challenges. But deep inside, I am already losing the passion I have before. Then, opening for a promotion came. I thought this might motivate me again. And when all of your guts thought you were considered, the news came, and I thought the earth just exploded. (That’s how I felt. I felt so so so and soooooooooooooooo sad.)

Patience reached its limit. And when it happened, an opportunity came.

So as I was saying, I was offered a job which I can use the knowledge I gained through my five (5) years of study. So I resigned. And today, was the effectivity of my resignation. Tomorrow is my first day of work on my new company.

I regret that last Tuesday was the only Team Bonding I have attended, but I didn’t regret that I accepted the offer.  I don’t regret that I am leaving you guys, for I know you all are happy for the luck I got and is hoping for more success in me.

I’ll miss you all.

To Nesrien, the girl I thought was “masungit” but has proved to me the famous rule – “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” You are smart, I’ll follow how you and Kirk’s relationship bloom.:)

Kirk, congratulations! You won Nesrien’s heart. Be happy. I’ll be Dra. Love again if you need advise. (I just hope hindi mo na kailanganin. Hahahaha) Please tell to Pidiong that I also admire him, he has the patience all representatives should have.

Ramil, John Ray, Leo, JV – you all rock! Ang dami kong natutunan sa inyo. Hahahaha. DEEEEJAAAYYYYYYYY! (hahaha joke.) You all made me laugh thru your “asaran at laitan”. LAUGHTRIP talaga. Hehehe. JR and Ramil since you too are also leaving, I am hoping for success in your careers also. 🙂

Ate Jhe, sissy- little did I know you’ll be the sweetest ate I’ll meet. Congratulations to your new duty.  🙂

Sir Arwin, ikaw din. Congratulations. You are one of my idols, you are always on top, you were our ATL (Assistant Team Leader), you were great. Kudos to you!

Ivy, please be on time. Hahaha joke. You are the epitome of a lady. You are pretty. I hope you’ll know what you really want in life. J And to you Kumi, continue guiding Ivy. Hoping also that your health will be okay for the longest time.

Dyne! Or Dyna as I call you, I’ll miss you bek! Sinasama ka naming sa swimming kaso di ka pwede. Hehehe. Thanks for saying dati na payat ako. Hahahaha. That made me gain more confidence. You don’t how it affected me, in a positive way.

To my mentors, Sir Brent, TL Blue, TL Melai and TL Wani – you are all awesome, I won’t be a better tech rep if wala kayo. So much gratitude for you all.

And to you TL MARTU, you were to be idolized. All respect for you. You made me the agent na hindi na nagkakamarkdown, (minsan na lang hehehe). You showed us how professionalism should be showed. You showed me that respect shouldn’t be imposed, it is gained.



Me and TL Martu



Team Martu team bonding

To the people I bumped with, former team mates, friends – thank you for being part of my world!


P.S. I shall see you again. I’m just one text, fb message away. Pag may lakad sabihan niyo ko. If schedule permits, I’ll come.

“Don’t be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”

-Richard Bach



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