A Total Guide for New Career Men and Women (and career shifters)

So you just got a new job, huh? Been waiting for this to happen? Ready to impress your boss? Hep! Before you do what you’re thinking, take a peak of this guide.

Choose your best attire:

Well, if today is your first day at work, you should have prepared what you need to wear a day or maybe days before. Remember, do not over accessorize. It is better to look simple, you don’t want to overpower your boss, I bet. Make sure too that you have attended your company’s orientation for you to know what type of clothes should be worn. If not, ask the recruitment specialist who hired you. Smart Casual, Business Casual and Business Attire are all different things.

For your appreciation: Professionals should look professional.


Set your Alarm!

Make sure you have set your alarm before going to sleep a night before your first day at work. There should be allotted time (from the time you wake up) when you take a bath, eat and up until you go out to reach the office. I guess you already know how long would be your travel time because you have experienced travelling on your new office when you had your [series of] interview(s). But in the case you will be assigned to other branches make sure to allot enough travel time. Don’t worry if you’re too early!
Additionally, if you have your own car, make sure to test drive. J


Say Hi and Smile

After you have been endorsed by the recruitment specialist who hired you to your boss, surely, your boss will then introduce you to your office mates. Make sure to greet them. Atleast a ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ would do. And, it would be great also if you’ll include their names.

For your appreciation: Please, try to remember their names.


Be Yourself, Start Right and Be Honest!

First impression always lasts so make sure you make the right impression of you to your boss. Do not be a Superwoman. Tell them what you REALLY are capable of. You don’t want to be asked [one day] to do something in which you claimed you can but really you can’t. You know what I mean. Remember, you are still new. Start Right. If you are a fresh grad, you have to keep in your mind that school environment is different from a working environment. If you are a career shifter or someone who came from other companies, keep in mind also that companies do not have the same policies and work flows. Although being pro active is good, it is better to learn first.


Be Flexible

So yes, you are a fresh graduate, you have a diploma for a certain course. And yes, you spent 2 years as a (put your previous job here). Okay copy that. But as a new employee you have to be ready for some “plus-plus”. For sure there are some additional responsibilities that will be assigned to you or maybe there would be things that you still don’t know that your boss will teach you (especially for career shifters).  In this scenario, make sure you are ready.  Part of working is accepting changes and adapting to new things. Consider those as new learnings.


Bring a Pen and a Notebook

As I keep on saying, you don’t always know what is in your new job so a pen and a notebook are your biggest best friend. Take notes and remember to bring that everyday so you could do some recap if you are already doing the task by yourself. Write the things you have learned so that you won’t always ask the how to’s to your boss. List the things you have accomplished and note which task took more time to finish so you can then manage your time on the next days.


Lastly, don’t lose hope if you did something wrong. Challenges are meant to be experienced. This will make you a better employee. Enjoy your first day at work and also on the coming days!



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