7 Must Have FREE Android Apps

I must say, since the release of Android operating system (os) last November 2007, the past years have been a win for Android versus other os. And if you just happen to buy one Android phone, I believe first thing you’ll hit on the web is to look for recommended applications available at Google Play Store. Here are my personal choices. Note: I have not included on my list facebook, twitter and instagram, I bet these apps were already on your mind before reading this article.


1. PhotoGrid





For those who love taking pictures but doesn’t want to upload lots of photos, PhotoGrid is one great application for you. You can load up to 9 photos and can change the style of the grid. You can also change the background colors or frames where the pictures would be layout.

PhotoGrid also has additional features:

Swapping photos – you can swap photos on each grid if you don’t want where the photo was located.

Adding Texts – this can be used if you want the photo to be like memes or you just want to add texts on it (e.g. for dedication purposes)

Single HD – personalize a single photo by adding filters, stickers, changing backgrounds/frames or adding texts.

Video Slides – this is one of the new features of PhotoGrid in which you can create videos out of various pictures. You can also add music on it.

Template HD – this is also a collage of your photos plus that ready to use templates (e.g. magazine-styled templates)

Stickers and Filters – various stickers can be added on the photos (some needs to be downloaded) and you can also apply filters per photo.




2. Photo Editor by Aviary

Screenshot_2014-05-26-17-37-09 (2)


Aviary is another photo application app in which you can explore a lot of features. You can choose on how to use the app, one is, load pictures by opening the app and selecting photos to be edited or second, open the app, shoot then edit it later.  Well I can consider Aviary as a simplified and user friendly Photoshop app, it has cropping and rotating tools, enhancement tool (illuminating the photo or applying color fix). Some of my favourite tools are:

Focus: Applying focus on a subject. You can make the background blur by using this tool.

Blemish: So nobody’s, so if you just happen to have that pimple on your face, you can definitely remove that using the Blemish tool.

Effects – You can add basic filters on your photo. Note that other filters still need to be downloaded as additional plug in of the app.

Below are screenshot of other tools of the app.






3. InstaSizeInstasize


Before InstaSize was released, a lot of Instagram users feel compromised whenever they want to post photo which cannot be fully loaded by Instagram (IG). [IG forces them to crop their perfectly photographed pictures.] With the birth of InstaSize, users can now freely post the photos without cropping. After loading the picture on the app and clicking the InstaSize button on the lower portion, it will automatically open IG and all you have to do is apply filters (if you want to) and share the photo right away.


4. Easy Battery Saver

            Though smartphones like android-powered phones are really great to use, one of its downfall is its battery life, so juicing your phone is one of a must. For this one, my personal recommendation and favourite is Easy Battery Saver. Easy Batter Saver lives by its name; it is easy to use because of its user friendly interface.

So how does this app saves battery life? Simple, with the profiles available (Normal, General Power Saving Mode. Intelligent Power Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and Advanced Mode), you can choose what to apply on your phone. Note: Advanced Mode lets you customize the settings. These modes control how your smartphone would use the network connectivity, screen time out and brightness.  This app also has an option in which you can see which application runs in your background and consumes your phone’s juice. Another great feature of this app is that it lets you know the remaining capacity for talk time, audio and video playing, data surfing and others.


5. Go SMS Pro




Tired of the generic style of messaging? Then Go SMS Pro is just right for you.  It supports themes which are readily available also for download on Play Store. (Note: There are lotssssssssss of themes available to choose from). But aside from having an app which you can set the appearance, Go SMS Pro has other great features. Here are some of it.





Pop up – this feature let’s you see the message sent to you even without opening the messaging application. You can also customize this feature.

Back up sms – if you wanted to free your storage but in doubt because you wanted to keep your conversations with your loved ones, this feature will help you. Just back up all the sms first then you can already delete all the messages. You can store the back up on your external sd card and even restore the messages if you wanted to.

Scheduled sms – lets you send a scheduled message. (Example: You wanted to greet your friend at exactly 12:00 am; you can do so by just setting the time to when the message should be delivered.)

Private Box – This enables you to secure your messages or hide your sms on your messaging app for certain contacts with a password.

SMS Blocker – if you want to get rid of getting spam messages from companies or promotional messages, this feature can help you. Just add the contact on your blacklist then that’s it!



SMS Notifier


sms notifier


Ever experienced of wanting to read a message and wanted to reply but cannot, for you are busy accessing other apps? Well SMS Notifier is one app for you also. New received messages will pop up on your screen even while using other apps and what’s great is you have the option to reply to it, mark it as read or delete it even without exiting your app and going on your messages. Although as I have noted on Go SMS which has the same feature, SMS notifieris an app for those who just want the floating sms feature.


6. Aldiko Book Reader



If you are just like me who loves reading books and is torn on reading books all at once.  (plus maybe you don’t want to bring bulky books with you), you then should download Aldiko.

With Aldiko, you can turn your phones (or tablets) into an eReader like Kindle. What’s great with Aldiko is you have the choice on how to load books on the app. One is, load books straight from any cloud storage and second, you can import books from the phone’s internal or external storage. The app also supports various file formats like epub, pdf and Adobe DRM format. You can also customize the settings from the font size and color, background color, brightness, spacing down to margins.

7. Lookout




This is the app I just recently discovered and as of this moment, I’m giving this two thumbs up.

Lookout is a multiple-featured app. It has an aid for a missing device plus the anti-virus and back up feature.

Virus scanning happens upon the first installation of the app (LOOKOUT) and when a new application is being installed on the smartphone. It can also back up contacts. (However you can back up call history and photos if you upgrade to the paid version)

The “Missing Device” feature actually is the one that I admire, it let’s you know where is your phone currently located by this app’s sub features if ever it was stolen.

1. Locate – The location (map) of the device will be sent to you through the email you registered. All you have to do is set up your account (email) upon installation of the app. Once registered, you can access your account on Lookout.com even by using other smartphone.

2. Scream – if you are already on the area where the map states, select this feature then your stolen phone will automatically play a loud sound just like a siren even if your phone is turned on a silent mode.

3. Signal Flare – once selected, this feature will let you know the last location of your phone before it the battery gets drained.

4. Lock Cam – this is my favorite feature, this takes a picture of the one who has your phone which has incorrectly input password, pin or pattern multiple times. An email will be sent to your Lookout.com account automatically together with the device’s location.



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