Must have FREE Android Applications

I must say, since the release of Android operating system (os) last November 2007, the past years have been a win for Android versus other os. And if you just happen to buy one Android phone, I believe first thing you’ll hit on the web is to look for recommended applications available at Google Play Store. Here are my personal choices. Note: I have not included on my list facebook, twitter and instagram, I bet these apps were already on your mind before reading this article.





 For those who love taking pictures but doesn’t want to upload lots of photos, PhotoGrid is one great application for you. You can load up to 9 photos and can change the style of the grid. You can also change the background colors or frames where the pictures would be layout.

            PhotoGrid also has additional features:

            Swapping photos – you can swap photos on each grid if you don’t want where the photo was located.

            Adding Texts – this can be used if you want the photo to be like memes or you just want to add texts on it (e.g. for dedication purposes)

            Single HD – personalize a single photo by adding filters, stickers, changing backgrounds/frames or adding texts.

            Video Slides – this is one of the new features of PhotoGrid in which you can create videos out of various pictures. You can also add music on it.

            Template HD – this is also a collage of your photos plus that ready to use templates (e.g. magazine-styled templates)

            Stickers and Filters – various stickers can be added on the photos (some needs to be downloaded) and you can also apply filters per photo.














Photo Editor by Aviary






Aviary is another photo application app in which you can explore a lot of features. You can choose on how to use the app, one is, load pictures by opening the app and selecting photos to be edited or second, open the app, shoot then edit it later.  Well I can consider Aviary as a simplified and user friendly Photoshop app, it has cropping and rotating tools, enhancement tool (illuminating the photo or applying color fix). Some of my favourite tools are:

            Focus: Applying focus on a subject. You can make the background blur by using this tool.

            Blemish: So nobody’s, so if you just happen to have that pimple on your face, you can definitely remove that using the Blemish tool.

            Effects – You can add basic filters on your photo. Note that other filters still need to be downloaded as additional plug in of the app.

Below are screenshot of other tools of the app.


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