Glazed Pork Tocino with Creamy Parsley Eggs


Glazed Pork Tocino with Creamy Parsley Eggs of Banapple
Price: 170 pesos
I have always loved eating and trying different foods. So today, I am gonna share with you my favorite dish on one of my favorite restaurants. Fact. Banapple made me love creamy parsley eggs!
When I first tried going to Banapple, me and my boyfriend were almost hesitant because of the looonnggg queue that day,  But I don’t know, we just insisted to wait. We went out not disappointed. I was in love with their food! They have the ample amount of the rice to sustain what you need for the two viands on your plate. I’m a fan of their creamy parsley eggs, it’s really creamy! You can even add more parmesan cheese if ever you think you want more cheese. 🙂 BTW. My boyfriend ordered garlic beef tapa with creamy parsley eggs. That too is yummy! Check out the resto and be at home with the cute ambience. ♥


Try Cheese and Mushroom Pie. We ordered for this also. It has lots of mushrooms and the cheese just melts in your mouth! It’s a BIG pie. We were able to order half of it during our first visit at SM North Sky Garden, however, I don’t know why Banapple Katipunan doesn’t do half serving for this (or maybe all stores already).

Check out Banapple’s website below and see their menu!

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