My 2nd year as a Bella: 10 Reasons why iloveBDJ


It’s 2015! And I know most of you got their planners already. While some might got their planner by collecting beverage stars (which most of my office mates did), mine’s something I have been fan of since I got it last year – the Belle De Jour Power Planner.


For Bellas like me, the Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is one of a big YES. It’s really cute and catchy [because of it’s colorful design] for every girl’s eyes. You get to do a lot of things with this. What are those? Check out my list!Here are the 10 reasons why I love BDJ Planner


1.  You have a happy “place”BDJ planner has a Happiness List where you can write things that make you happy like food, place, and mantra. Take a look at my planner. (Ooopss. I’m not yet finished filling out my list. haha)
2. You can dream big!

Big space is given for the Dream Board page, as per the words suggest, you can write things you dream to do, what you dream to become, places you want to travel and others! I’m planning to do scribbles and doodles also here!


3. You can track your sssshhhhh…
I don’t know of any planner which has this same feature of tracking menstrual period, except for BDJ. I loved using this on my first BDJ planner since I wanted to keep track on my period to be able to know when would be my next. You can also mark each day [on the calendar] if it’s your first bleeding, period is normal or light and others. Symptoms also can be noted so next time you won’t be surprised why you are having headaches, mood swings and etc.
4. You can have health suggestionsMy Health Plan will give a bella suggestions on what to tests to take regularly. It also has noted suggestions to which tests shall be taken per age group. Just for me, I just knew that by the age of 25, it is ideal to take Mammogram Test to check signs of breast cancer.5. You won’t miss any events anymore

Did you missed important events last year? Big mall sales? Concerts? Then, BDJ is happy to give you the list of mall sales, concerts and other events with their Events Tracker! You can also add special events like birthdays, weddings and other parties to attend.

p.s. Wow! One Direction’s Concert is on March!

6. You’ll have a Travel Buddy

Travel Must Haves

Rules of Photography and My Travel Short List
Travel Must Haves – ever been so aligaga before your vacation? You think you might have left something or had really left something while on vacation? Then this page will make you an oh-so-ready bakasyunista! From clothes to accessories down to miscellaneous, BDJ has it for you! You’ll not be a worrier no more on your next vacation!
Rules of Photography – a page where you can have Photography 101 tips on catching perfect sceneries during your travel
My Travel Shoot List – after learning Photography 101, this page let’s you write your ideal sceneries which you would like to capture!p.s. BDJ has always room for you; you can also write things not listed on their must-haves. 


7. You’ll have friendly-tips
Every start of the month, BDJ has one full page of tips about fashion, work and others. It’s fun reading this plus since it’s the page that you’ll see prior to weekly task pages, it will keep you refreshed and motivated on planning activities for the rest of the month!


8.  You’ll never get bored
The weekly task planner itself is one happy page to see. Shades of every page looks so girly plus it has hashtags on every weekly affirmation which you can use – like, #BDJMakeItHappen and #ThisWeekImThankfulFor. Each day [if there is] has also noted special events which are the events you’ll see on the Event’s Tracker. What’s the possibility of forgetting big sales, yeah? Hehehe.
9. You’ll get BONUSES and other #Perks of a Bella
BDJ is like a piñata loaded with lots of surprises as it has bonus pages you’ll not just ignore.
Bills and Cash Flow Tracker – you’ll be amazed when you see this page. You can write how much you have already saved (beginning savings), your actual savings during the entire month and your target savings. By this, you can also know what’s eating your budget once you have also filled out your expenses during the entire month. This does not limit to bills alone, extra frappe, meals and transpo allowance are also to be included in your expenses.
Bills Tracker – track how much you are spending on electricity, water, phone lines , cable bills and etc.
BDJ Lifestyle Card and #PerksofaBella Discount Booklet – Before, discount coupons are attached on the planner itself, now, coupons are piled on a booklet together with the BDJ Lifestyle Card. Over 40,000 worth of coupons can be used. The Lifestyle Card is now partnered with ZAP so expect rewards, rewards, rewards!
Stickers – the planner comes with cute stickers!
10. More, more, more, more!
Check out other feautures of the BDJ planner below. 🙂
So there, those are my reasons why I bought my second BDJ Planner. Are you eager now to buy? Hurry! It’s not yet late to grab one!***I got discount for this planner after completing a survey of Belle De Jour, I was one of the first 100 (I think) to answer the survey. However, I wasn’t able to use the discount since I got too excited when I saw the planner at National Book Store. Hahahaha!
***By the way, planner is @598 pesos. You can also order on

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