How to be happy in 5 ways: Magnum Manila sweet day


February 14 was the second time I visited Magnum Manila Cafe, and yes, it is Valentines Day! I wanted to eat something sweet and this cafe is the first place that came to my mind.
We all know Magnum Ice Cream, it’s the famous 50 pesos chocolate ice cream we usually see in TV commercials, but this time, here in Magnum Cafe you get to design your own signature magnum bar. For those who haven’t tried, here’s your guide! 🙂

1. Line up and pay!
Expect to be part of a long line especially on a weekends don’t worry, everything’s worth the wait! When it’s your turn already,you just have to pay 100 pesos per 1 magnum bar. Don’t forget your receipt!
2. Choose your own toppings!
There is a wide selection of toppings for your own to choose. You can choose up to 3 toppings. Here are some of the choices.


this one’s new, so I tried it with caramel crunch and speculous cookies


3. Choose the flavor of your bar and dip!
For the flavor of the ice cream bar, choose between Vanilla and Milk Chocolate. When it comes to the dip, you can choose weather milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Mine, I chose vanilla ice cream bar and milk chocolate dip.

4. Let the “pleasure makers” do the magic!
This time, the “magnum pleasure makers” will put the toppings and dip you want on your bar! My choice is milk chocolate dip with the three toppings I selected. 🙂


5. Lastly, drizzzzzle!
And what shall make your magnum bar look perfect? Drizzle it with milk or white chocolate! Since I chose milk chocolate as my dip and I wanted to be “creative”, I went with white chocolate for my drizzle.
*Last touch to complete your ice cream is the chocolate chip with Magnum logo*

TAHHHHDAAAAAAAHHH! Here’s my own Magnum Bar

Location: 5th floor, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global Taguig City

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