Gotta Have Some Hot Star!

After the arrival of the SoyGarlic Chicken of BonChon from South Korea, here comes another fast food restaurant originating from Taiwan which is now making a big name in the Philippine market. Wanna know what I am talking about? Then, let’s have a quick check on Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken opened its first branch at Blue Bay Walk and has opened new branches at Banawe, Katipunan and to where I have just visited – Eastwood.

There are a lot of people going at Hot Star that’s why I asked my boyfriend if we can try.
The ambiance of the resto is cool. The shades of blue, yellow and white is very pleasing, reason why on a quick glance, you’ll never regret taking a second look on it.

You need to say a big “AAAAHHHH” to be able to eat your chicken 🙂
Hot Star is known for its 30 centimeter big chicken breast fillet. Here in the Philippines, they have decided to add rice and spaghetti in their menu to suite every Filipino’s taste buds. Customer can also choose on 3 different flavors – original, barbecue and spicy

Me and my boyfriend had our first visit at Hot Star last week. Here’s the Barbecue flavored Large Fried Chicken with rice my bf ordered.. Cost is 110 pesos. Just add 35 pesos for  rice and drinks.

Sorry, my boyfriend can’t help it. He already ate the Large Fried Chicken before I could take a picture of it. 😀

PictureLarged Fried Fish

Another new, Hot Star Philippines included fish fillet in their menu. This is good to those who want to try something different or even to those who doesn’t feel like eating chicken.

Whoah, and since I love fish, yes, that’s what I ordered. 🙂 And I am just so lucky that the fish they use is CREAM DORY!


The time we visited this place, there is still an on-going promo since it’s a newly opened branch. The promo is, a customer will have a free soft serve ice cream by just:

  1. Taking a photo while eating the famous large fried chicken
  2. Have the photo posted on any of the customer’s social media accounts.
  3. Use the hashtag #HotStarPh
  4. Go to the counter with your receipt and show your post!


Here’s my post!


Yes, I got a soft serve ice cream for FREE just by posting my photo on my Instagram account. I chose the combination of BLACK GULAMAN and ALMOND, although I like the almond more.

All in all, for me, there is a great value for money going here. The large fried chicken and large fried fish is a big catch. Plus you’ll only spend 145 – 170 pesos for a full meal.

Are you a hungry specie? You got to be kidding if you haven’t visited Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, yet!

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