Enrol now on a Drum Lessons service

Hi guys! I have been mentioning a lot about my boyfriend as a drummer. And since I am always at his side, I want to help him in my little ways.

My boyfriend teaches basic and intermediate drum lessons. He started this business last October 2013. He became a drum teacher also at B-Flat music until early 2014. He has been playing the drums since 2003.

Check out his Facebook Page here – Juan Miguel Drum Lessons You can also find his Facebook badge on my side bar.

Teacher Miguel

Below are information about the lesson he offers, rates, terms and rules.


1. Lesson will run for atleast 12 sessions.

2. 1 session per day. 1 session is equivalent to 2 hours.

3. Syllabus will be provided.

4. Lessons can be given to kids even to adults. (Age of previous students are 7 to 30+ years old.)


Student with drum set:

Quezon City and Valenzuela area

  • 1 session = 300 pesos

Metro Manila areas other than QC and Valenzuela

  • 1 session = 340 pesos

Student without drum set:

Quezon City and Valenzuela area

  • 1 session = 600 pesos


              teacher fee : 300 pesos

               studio fee : 300 pesos


1. Student can request more than 1 session per day.

2. Student has the freedom to cancel remaining sessions if he/she thinks he/she has learned enough.

3. For students without drum set, half of the payment per session shall be deposited on Juan Miguel Drum Lessons’ account (see account number on the Facebook page) 3 days before the scheduled session.

*note that we reserve the use of the studios and typically, studios still require the payment for the reservation if cancellation was made beyond 24 hours.

For people based here in Manila, what are you waiting for? Click on Juan Miguel Drum Lessons’ page now and enroll!

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2 thoughts on “Enrol now on a Drum Lessons service

    1. aika loraine says:

      Hello, susan. Juan Miguel Drum Lessons has no studio yet. Jmdl rents a studio for Students who dont have drum set. The studio fee shall be shouldered by the student. Usually, it is at ermin garcia cubao


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