What the Hack Now? On attending the Cyber Security Summit 2015 Day 1

Cyber Security is our TERRITORY.

-Joey Fontiveros, Cyber Security Specialist – Philippine Army

Hidden in cloaks – they are invisible and invincible. They conquer your most private secrets. They mean threat. They are as-of-now, the untouchables.  What’s inside their minds? What’s inside the mind of a Black Hat?

As you all know, hackers are everywhere. From malwares, trojans, any many other ways, they are very hideous. And, with the massive use of Internet, cyber criminals can easily invade your personal privacy. Not to mention, governmental information too, which may lead to government strategy being jeopardized. Have we forgotten the hackers who easily defaced government websites?

What the Hack:Cyber Security Summit 2015 is an annual event by GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc. here in the Philippines which gathers cyber security industry experts, government leaders and students to discuss the threats caused by Black Hats or simply, hackers in the cyberspace.


The cyber security summit started on July 2 at Tanghalang Pasigueño and yes, yours truly was invited to witness it. The event was formally opened by a welcome remarks by GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc. CEO and author of books like Magtitipid na ako…Promise!!! and Gusto Kong Magengosyo…Pero Paano? – Ms. Roselle P. Reig and its keynote speakers, one of which is the CIO of GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc., Mr. Dennis Sanchez who is an in-demand and top IT security trainer not just here in the Philippines but also at Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Mr. Dennis Sanchez, Top IT Security Trainer

What the Hack partnered with the Philippine Army and other government bodies that aims to help eliminate cyber crimes and give awareness about such. Amongst the guest speakers is the Cyber Security Specialist of Philippine Army, Major Joey Fontiveros whom discussed Cyber Security: A Team Effort. Fontiveros said that as of now, when it comes to security, the country focuses on the “physical”, forgetting the threats we may face (or may be facing now) inside the cyber space. Fontiveros also noted that cyber security is team work, working and formulating ways on how to eliminate it.


Industry partner Lastline discussed Breach Detection that can Evolve with APT. The discussion is more on Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform that can integrate to your existing security system thus enhancing breach detections. The platform has support for Windows, Android and Mac Operating Systems.

Proposed National Security Strategy

Hon. Acedillo on his Proposed National Security Strategy talk

Hon. Francisco “Ashley” Acedillo shared to students and experts his proposed cyber security strategy by his submitted House Bill 937. Hon. Acedillo said that Philippines has to have its own Information and Communication Security Department which has policies related to cyber security stated as:

Sec 2.k. To preserve the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality of their personal information.

Sec 2.n. To ensure the security of ICT infrastructures and assets of individuals and business stored therein.

Hon. Acedillo added that cyber security is the biggest building block yet missing in terms of national security. He also said that the sources of cyber threats are hacktivists, investigative journalists, organized crime groups, foreign intelligence services.

Day 1 of the summit offered an Open Forum / QA between the speakers, students and experts about the Proposal for National Cyber Security Strategy.

Open Forum

Energizers were given to the participants like raffles and free snacks. There were also booths of partnered companies outside the hall like PC Buyer’s guide which gave free items for lucky raffle winners and free issues of their magazines, Cafelo which provided free coffees, Yoshinoya, Accenture, Lastline, CompTIA PLDT SMEnation, Light Network and PMCM Events Management.

What the Hack Day 2 here

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