What the Hack Now? On attending the Cyber Security Summit 2015 Day 2

Lazada Philippines

The annual Cyber Security Summit continued the second leg of its event yesterday, July 3, at Tanghalang Pasigueño, Pasig City.


As you have noticed on my previous blog post, the discussion [on the summit] where mostly about cyber security awareness; on its second day, industry experts and speakers talked about penetration testing, possibilities of hacking over a wifi network and new computer technologies.

The founder of SGI Asia, known technical trainer and industry expert in Systems, Infrastructure, Application Development and Security Training and others, Mr. Semi Yulianto shared his knowledge about Penetration Testing. Penetration Testing or pentest is an ethical hacking which aims to discover weaknesses and vulnerability of a system/network/IT infrastructure. During his talk, he gave demonstrations on how to conduct pentests.

Another informative topic presented is about SSLs. Open Web Application Security Project (OSWAP) Chapter President John Patrick Lita shared his insights about Secure Sockets Layer or the SSL with the topic Man in the Middle Attack. Lita explained SSLs as the encryption on [should be on every page] of a website we access. One example is the https we see on the website’s url we open. HTTPS or http secure means that what we are accessing over the internet is secure. Lita demonstrated how can a hacker easily intercept data over unsecured access over the Internet thru WiFi, especially free WiFi. Free WiFi? That’s what usual coffee shops or malls offer! So yeah, we need to be careful especially to those who access their paypal, online banking and other private accounts. We don’t know when a hacker is [also] connected to the free WiFi network and is already collecting all our personal information.

John Patrick Lita, OSWAP Chapter President

Aside from the talks from the industry experts, new computer technology – Raspberry Pi was also introduced to the audience. It was presented by Heremias Esquibal, a student from Jose Rizal University. Additional to that, the genius man behind What the Hack- licensed pentester, digital forensics investigator, top IT security trainer and author of the book The Mind of the Black Hat got the audience all eyes on him as he demonstrated the “power” of the Wifi Pineapple. Wifi Pineapple is used by some consumers, government and business owners for the purpose of pentests. It can pretend to be your trusted wifi network. For example your laptop was set to automatically connect with your home Wifi network, basically, anywhere you go, your laptop will always try to connect to it constantly. This is how Pineapple does Man in the Middle attack, it pretends to be your home and trusted Wifi network, thus, making you connected to it. As you are happily browsing and sharing confidential information over the Internet, you are not aware that you are being compromised and your important data are being stolen already.

more of Rasberry Pi here

The Hacker Games also happened with six (6) teams competing composed of students and even IT professionals. While the teams are busy with the Hacker Games Challenges, Mr. Sanchez conducted his Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) seminar. Basically, this seminar is being offered by GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc. as a 2 day training with exam, but What the Hack participants got it free exclusively on the event!

visit GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc.’s website here to check for schedule of training courses.


Certified Secure Computer User Seminar by Mr. Dennis Sanchez

This kind of summit is a very informative one. I am very happy to be invited to witness this event. Kudos to the great minds behind this event! Kudos to GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc.!

Well, yeah, we always use the Internet not taking precautions sometimes. Listening to all the talks made by our industry experts made me keen again on checking any malicious and possible interception in my network. So, whenever we use our computers and the Internet, be careful and always be reminded of the man in the black hat.

more photos during Day 2



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