The ‘saling-ketket’ at Star City

I just visited Star City recently. I was there because it was the Appreciation Day of Convergys Shaw site employees to where my boyfriend works. Oh yeah, say it. I am a “saling ket-ket.”

Appreciation Day is common for Business Process Outsourcing [BPO] Companies. This company event usually gives recognition to top employees of the company. For this one, Convergys Shaw also awarded all the players and teams who won on their recently concluded summer olympics. What’s good in this gathering is they allowed their employees to bring their friends or loved ones, that’s why I was there. ❤

I think I’ll have “The Saling-Ketket Chronicles” soon. Because I always am. hahahaha!

To those who don’t know to go to Star City, you may try the option below. 🙂

Ride LRT 1 up to Vito Cruz station,  turn right at Pablo Ocampo Sr. and walk towards the terminal of orange jeepneys. Just tell the driver to drop you at CCP. You may also ride the MRT going to Taft Station, then walk towards LRT 1 and just use same direction as mentioned on reaching Vito Cruz station.

Lazada Philippines

Star City at Pasay is a 35,000 square meter amusement park which holds an indoor and outdoor park. Basically, the indoor park has the kiddie rides, tiangges, star theater, food carts and other small and non extreme rides. The activity center is also there.

To me and my boyfriend’s dismay, the rain didn’t stop when we got at Star City, because of that, operation of outdoor rides were suspended. Oh come on, most of the extreme rides are there! Anyway, what can we do? It’s for our safety then. So what activities can you try when outdoor rides are not available? Tan-ta-na-nan!  Indoor attractions for the rescue!

Here we go! Unleash the kiddie side within!

They say, the Grand Carousel of Star City is the first double decker carousel. Who says I am old enough for it?

Me and Budjie [my boyfriend] ❤


If you want a roller-coaster ride, try the Wacky Worm!


Party bump with Bumper Car Rave.


Don’t mess with the girl in the pink bump car! LOL! That’s me!

There is an indoor pool for the bumper boats. Bump cars on water, anyone?

Bumber Boat

Want to experience walking on snow like I did? Want to see Minions ice carvings and other cartoon characters? Want to try sliding on ice? Then, grab your shoes and try Star City’s Snow World! Ticket is separate from the ride-all-you can ticket we purchased, but who cares when we got this discount coupon? Hahahaha!


Stay as long as you want, as long as you can. Brrrrr…

p.s. if you are planning to try this attraction, do not wear shorts. I repeat, do not wear shorts. 😀 Coz really, it’s very cold! Though a coat is provided, it is still not enough to keep you warm inside.

We already had few photos when we knew that taking pictures is not allowed. Sorry…

IMG_5459There are attractions where you are allowed to take pictures inside. Go witty posing with the life size mannequins at Peter Pan and Time Tunnel. Sail with the pirates at Pirate Adventure, too!

Boat ride adventure at Pirate Adventure

There is one extreme ride at the indoor park and that is the Viking. It’s a big boat that swings high in the air. You are even near the ceiling already when it goes up.  I swear, it’s really thrilling! It’s also scary when you are up in the air, I even screamed so loud!


While roaming around, we saw this booth with lots of people so we checked what is it. It’s actually a booth for reflexologists who are doing massage in exchange of tips. They also sell products like massage oils, ear wax candles and warm pillows. Because we got tired wandering and trying the rides inside the park, we went for a massage. 🙂


Lazada Philippines

Going back, this is the Appreciation Day of the employees so the organizers have prepared a little program for the awarding at the activity area. What made us [me and my Budjie] also very eager to go here is because of the awarding of the basketball team champions which apparently, their team. I have mentioned about the game on my Be the Number 1 Fan blog entry.


Basketball and Volleyball Team who dominated the olympics.

For pay per click tasks, click photo
When the Most Valuable Player was called, I was surprised that it was my boyfriend. It took me few seconds to absorb it, but yeah, it was his name! Wah! I am so happy! It was unexpected!



Before, I thought Star City was too boring because most of the attractions are inside the park. But I saw the purpose of it on my last visit. Yes, you can still enjoy even if it’s raining because the place is covered. I enjoyed the day! I think it’s obvious on my photos! Hahahaha. ❤

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Star City is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday only from 2:00 pm onwards. It’s usual daily operations will resume on September 14, 2015.

Visit their website for ticket prices:

wet season sale

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