Review: Ponds’ BB Cream x Natasha Beauty Blush On

I am actually not particular for brands when it comes to make up. I am more particular to its cost. Hahaha. This time I would like to share with you my new items, the Ponds’ BB+ Cream and Natasha’s Beauty Blush On.

Ponds’ BB cream and Natasha Beauty Blush On

PONDS’ BB+ Cream (light)

My new Ponds’ BB cream is not a purchase but a gift from an affiliate brand. I have not used BB creams ever since so I don’t have anything to compare. But, Ponds’ BB is a winner. I like how it works. It is a whitening cream and a foundation in one. When I first used it, I really loved how it blended on my face. For me, it actually gave me a glow. It can last for about 5 hours. Additional to that, you do not need to put a lot on your face, just put on small amount and it can already cover your entire face.  If you have few blemishes or dark spots, don’t worry, Ponds BB’ can make it disappear. 🙂 Ponds BB+ Cream comes in light and beige shade.

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  • SPF 30 PA++
  • Special Ingredient – GenActiv : Two potent ingredients, Niacinamide and 12HSA, regulate the genes that control melanin production (source: Ponds BB+ Cream)

Natasha Beauty Blush On: Candid Candy

Candid Candy has two shades. One is light pink and the other is a little brownish

Here is my own purchase, I bought this for 215 pesos. Packaging and design is simple, it is handy for a two shaded blush on. It comes with a small brush and a mirror.

Net Wt. 2g | Expiration: 9/2017

The expiration day is at the back of it. What I just don’t see is the name of the two shades of this blush on. I just rubbed it on my hand so I can see the actual shade of it on my skin.


Why I chose light color? Uhm, I just don’t like looking a bit too much. I wanted a natural look so I chose Candid Candy. I just noticed that you have to put more of it so the shade would appear. The blush lasts for about 2 hours but it really depends on the amount you put on your face. Mine is light so it didn’t lasted long. You can use just one shade or you can blend the two to come up with a new shade.


  • Hypoallergenic
This is how I looked after applying both products + lippies and eyebrow pencil. Again, I used light shade of pink because I wanted a natural look.

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