It’s me and WordPress’ 2nd Year Anniversary


Today marks my second year anniversary with WordPress. Let me give you a brief timeline of my blogging story.

  1. I was in second year college when I decided to start blogging.
  2. I am a part of the student publication that time and I wanted to share online the published and unpublished articles and stories I wrote for our newsletter.
  3. In 2009, I created followed by (all are still published blogs but are not updated)
  4. I became too busy at school so I (temporarily) stopped blogging.
  5. But I am still fulfilling my passion on writing as I am still part of the student publication. I became the pub’s managing editor and literary editor.
  6. Fast forward, I graduated and got busy again.
  7. Then… I realized I still want to write. This time, I wanted to share my life experiences, new beach and restos I visited, food reviews and others. So, I created my WordPress blog (this one) year 2013. But! That’s not the end of it…
  8. Year 2014, I created my Weebly ( blog. You may say why am I not contented? Hmmm. There is actually a reason behind it. I am working that time as an Information Systems Specialist at a retail company and there are times that I wanted to write or blog but I can’t because WordPress is a blocked site on our workstations, and Weebly is not. Hehehehe. I have this thing that I want to immediately write something whatever comes in my mind because I tend to forget when I don’t. πŸ˜‚ So, Weebly is the savior. (P.S. Ideas come whenever I don’t have tasks to do. It’s like I am daydreaming. Hehehe)
  9. But WordPress is WordPress so it’s what I am using again, now. 😘
  10. June 26 this year, I created a Facebook Blog page. πŸ˜ƒ

Lazada Philippines

There you have it. My reason for blogging is just simple. Writing has been and will always be my forever love. WordPress has been my outlet for the past years. I am just thankful that there are sites like this that helps bloggers on hosting their websites for free.Β 
Blogging gives me happiness when I know people read my blog and appreciates everything written in it.

Let me leave you with this awesome quote by @su_layug! πŸ’πŸ»
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Lazada Philippines

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