Blogging Challenge: Your blog’s name

As I have mentioned, I’ll be starting to accomplish the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. So to start, Day 1 is for the BLOG NAME.

Actually this is fun for us to do fellow bloggers. This will help our readers know more about us. 😆

The blog name is Aika Loraine, of course, and it has a sub-title “Little Stories. Big Mind.”

I named my blog Aika Loraine because both words are my names.

Fact: My full name is Jessica Loraine H. Lopez

Aika is the nickname my mom gave me. When most of my friends call me Jecka, my parents and other relatives call me Aika. My mom said she named me Aika because that’s what her friend suggested. Apparently, her friend left and went to Japan. Her friend has this fascination with Japanese names. So that’s why. Loraine is my name also, it is my favorite amongst the names I have. Hehehe. Don’t forget that it is Loraine with a single ‘r’.

The sub-title “Little Stories. Big Mind.” came into my mind when I am creating my WordPress blog. Before, I usually write few worded blogs. Well, because I am always in a haste that time. Hehehe. I decided to have “Big Mind” in the tagline because I believe what I write, even short ones have significance and are important products of my (sometimes quirky) thinking.

There you have it! That’s for Day 1. 😆

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