#PerksofaBella: #iloveSerenitea

From Fairview, I went to Mckinley awhile ago. I have an interview to attend at a company with an office at the PCCI building. I spent almost most of my day taking written and online exams and being interviewed by Human Resources Personnel and Managers. Haaaaa.  I went out the PCCI building by 6:00 pm. I was super exhausted. Felt my brain being drained (little exaggeration here). Thankfully, there is a Serenitea shop at Venice Piaza.

#PerksofaBella Serenitea voucher gives 5% discount for all drinks.  Milkteas are refreshing and I prefer it than plain tea 🍵 alone. Although my usual order is Wintermelon, today, I tried Serenitea’s Jasmine Milktea. ✨

After a very tiring day, milkteas are perf quenchers. 👍🏽

i still have lots of Belle De Jour coupons to use! Watch out for more #PerksofaBella experience!


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