Blogging Challenge: 20 Facts About Me


  1. I am a Taurus.

2. 5 flat in height and I am chubby. 😛

3. Self-confessed social media addict.

4. I started blogging year 2009.

5. I am a former Managing Editor and Literary Editor of TIP-QC’s student pub.

6. I am a Computer Engineering graduate.

7. Techie and I don’t settle long using a gadget. My latest is an iPhone 6.

8. My favorite television series are Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural.

9. I love reading books.

10. I am collecting books, as well.

11. I have a boyfriend who is a drummer. Their band has a digital album under GMA records.


12. Asthmatic.

13. I am not sporty because I easily get tired, but I enjoy playing badminton.

14. I dream of owning a Siberian Husky.

15. Coffee and mocha frappuccino addict.

16. In a year, my target is to have my own business.

17. I have a Facebook Blog Page named Aika Loraine.

18. I enjoy watching band gigs and I love music.

19. I own a Belle De Jour power planner.

20. I cry while watching dramas. :-p

*Words in pink fonts are links.

Lazada Philippines

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