Review: Daiso Japan’s Natural Charcoal Pack

Daiso Japan Natural Pack

Daiso Japan (formerly Saizen) has been here in the Philippines for few years already. It is a business unit under Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. So, when you are at a Robinsons Mall, you’ll likely see a Daiso Japan in there. I have been a fan of this Kawaii store for so long. I enjoy wandering the store because of the cute and useful items sold. Not to mention, I used to work at Daiso Japan also as an Information Systems Specialist that’s why I get to see cute stuff while doing store visits. Recently, I re-purchased their Charcoal Natural Pack. I have been using the pack for months now but it’s just today that I had to create a review of it. Of course, I chose not while still in the company for the reason of not appearing as biased. :-p

Lazada PhilippinesAnd since I am now not connected with the company, I assure you that this review is nothing but true.  Let us start, now.

This one is a charcoal mask. Daiso Japan’s pack has natural ingredients from Oak trees that help to declog deep-seated dirt in your face’s pores. This one’s also said to make skin’s pores less visible.

Squeeze tube packaging

IMG_5829The texture is very thick. It is also sticky. Spreading it on your face is quite hard because of its consistency. That makes it also longer to dry than other face masks.

how to use:
  • Cleanse your face.
  • I suggest wiping face first with warm towel or you may cleanse your face using warm water.
  • Apply the pack on your entire face.
  • Because of it’s thickness, what I suggest is leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Gently peel off after 15-20 minutes.

In this review, I used the mask as a nose pack only. I noted that you have to gently remove it. Well, that is because it is a little painful removing it. What more pain you could feel if you’ll put this on your entire face. Hehehe. Painful? Well, maybe because (as I noticed), it removes your dead skin and some of your facial hair as well. Yes, your facial hair!


sorry, this is gross! :-p

Look closer and you’ll see some facial hair. It has removed most of my white heads as well. For best results, use the pack not more than twice a week. It is obvious that this face mask can really remove dirt on your face, only that I don’t notice that my facial pores became tighter. All in all, if you are after removing dead skin,. white heads and black heads – this product is definitely for you.


Obviously, yes. I have been using this product for few months now.


You can buy this product for 88 pesos only at any Daiso Japan store. Please take note that there are Daiso Japan store not under Robinsons. I don’t know if they also sell the product. But if you want to be sure, I recommend going to a near Robinsons Mall.

You may check the list of branches here.

Lazada Philippines

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