Be Happy!

Unforgiveness, betrayal, jealousy and hurt -these all lead to what a person is trying to avoid—SADNESS.

When we are sad, we become quiet, less energetic, and withdrawn. I must admit I am like this when I’m lonely. The feeling of melancholy results to my temporary lowering of mood and disruption on my ability to function in daily matters. Everyone gets sad. It’s a normal feeling. We humans are subject to strong states of emotion. We may get up one morning lonely and be in it throughout the day. Other times, we may wake up feeling sorry for ourselves and just sit in a corner all day.


How to overcome?

Managing your feelings is the key on overcoming sadness. Think of what a great philosopher said to overcoming such, No one could possibly be happy if they acted against their better judgment, and he who knows how to achieve happiness will do so—Socrates” Be happy… release all the negative thoughts you have, that’s one and effective way for it. How? We have grand essentials of happiness according to Allan Chalmers, these are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for. Find things that you want to do that would entertain you. Do it. Play and Enjoy. Then, as soon as you found the things you want to do, appreciate and love it. But, don’t just be contented on it, think of how to improve. Wouldn’t you be happy if your set goal was achieved? As of now, I’ve found mine, and obviously it is writing. With this, I can release all negative feelings I have: I can just be in one corner writing. Then I can feel relieved and revived. In the case of  improving my craft, I do it through reading and constantly writing, when I see something interesting I write it down. When I’m feeling blue, I write poems, essays and blog entries.

tyWhen I have read the book “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder, a book about early philosophy, I was really amazed with what early philosophers had been thinking. With such amazement, I jotted down things that tickled my mind. There, I hit upon Cynic’s philosophy, and allow me to leave it to you all, it goes like –“True happiness is not found in external advantages. It is not dependent on random and fleeting things… it is within everyone’s reach… once it has been attained, it can never be lost.”

listen to this song, and be happy! 🙂

This a published article on my school’s student pub. few edits done.

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