Blogging Challenge: Dream Job

After graduating as a Computer Engineer year 2012, I already had various jobs. As you may guys know, Computer Engineer doesn’t have a board exam, but several certifications can be obtained like being a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Why don’t we have board exams?

The simple explanation I got from my mentor is because the course is technology dependent. Technology changes so fast that laws and principles you have known today, maybe obsolete already in the coming months or years.

Take for example my case. I was not able to take the CCNA exam when I graduated, although it is optional. Reason? My parents can’t support me anymore on the finances I’ll need for the review and the examination fee itself. So I decided to work first and take the exam later. However, when I decided to take the CCNA exam, I was advised by the review center that I need to take the four modules (subjects I took while studying) of CISCO again. AGAIN. And that is expensive. Really, technology is changing constantly.

PAST JOBS (wow, this is like filling out an application form)

  • Network Processing Associate (Accenture)
  • Technical Support Representative (SPi Global CRM)
  • Information Systems Specialist (Robinsons Retal Holdings Inc.)

I left Accenture in a few months of stay because of the permanent night shift. I was a fresh graduate and I got some culture shock. Hahahaha. Then, I worked as a TSR at SPi Global CRM handling technical issues for PLDT Home Bro. Yes, I am a proud ex-call center agent. Lastly, my recent job is as an Information Systems Specialist at Robinsons handling the Daiso Japan business unit. The job is more of the administration of the JDA Merchandise and Management System. I also train new employees on using the system and I do business trips for the stores’ inventory. Technical issues in their POS (point of sales) and computers are also raised to the department I belong to.

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Now, what do I dream of becoming, now?

I have met a lot of people in a workplace already, people that are fun to be with and some hard to please. I became introduced with seniority in a workplace that sometimes, newbies are the victim. There is a stigma we can’t deny. Now, as a former employee in a retail company and an employee who knows the history of the company – I became inspired. We all know Robinsons started small, but now, it is the second largest retail company in the Philippines. You know guys, I maybe too young, but my dream job is to become a businesswoman. It maybe hard to attain, but I will work for it. You’ll think that, that is far from being a Computer Engineering graduate yet, that’s what I really want. To date, I am planning to save money and start with a food cart business. If that would succeed (cross fingers), I’ll then put up another one, or maybe, since I love coffee,  a small coffee shop will do. 🙂

I hope I inspired you with this. That’s it for Day 4! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog!

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