Blogging Challenge: Proudest Moment

Lazada Philippines

After two days of hibernating, I am definitely back. I am so happy because I gained subscribers here on my blog. However, I lost few likes on my Facebook blog page Aika Loraine. I don’t know, maybe they don’t like my posts. Hehehe. So, let us get back on track. We are now on Day 5 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

To a girl who is existing for 25 years now (ang tanda ko na), a lot of experiences are memorable, and a lot are to be proud of. But what I want to share with you guys is something I would tell even to my grand children.

Tindera at tindero ng fishball ang mama at papa ko.

My papa and mama decided to engage in a business when I was in elementary. They have to because we are already six in the family. I remembered, it was the time also when I had to transfer from private school to a public school when I reached Grade 4. My papa, who knows how to fix things and build things, built his own kariton for  the fish ball business. Too bad I have not kept a photograph of their precious kariton. Fast forward, during my college days, they still have their fish ball business. It went well at first, they were able to add other products like kikiam, squid balls and chicken balls. During summer, my mama would also sell halo-halo. Oh! Did I mention that my mama’s halo-halo is a best seller? Ask our neighbors and they’ll tell you that my mom’s halo-halo has a distinct taste. I know here secret ingredient, but I won’t tell you. Hihihi. Of course, there are days that sales are low. But they didn’t stop.

My proudest moment is graduating on college because of my parents’ hardships. Having a business has no day off. They are selling fish ball seven days a week, more than 8 hours a day. That’s why I studied very hard and was able to finish college on time. I am proud of my parents!


How about you? What is your proudest moment?


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