The Sunday Currently | vol.1

Sunday, is honestly always not a productive day for me. I usually just do few things. I just like lying down on my bed every Sunday.

Last Wednesday, I have come across the blog of Maine Mendoza, the famous “dubsmash queen.” I really adore this girl I always watch her kalyeserye together with Alden Richards at Eat Bulaga. Kinikilig talaga ako, pramis. Medyo korny ba?  <wink> And when I learned she has a blog, I looked for it. So that’s when I knew about The Sunday Currently blog posts. She got the idea from Lauren, who started everything. Doing this is a great idea since I always get bored on a Sunday, might as well, I’ll do something that I love.<3

Lazada Philippines



reading is one of my hobbies. For a week now, I am  planning to go to the warehouse sale of Book for Less (I just can’t find a time. I am too busy.). I heard the books are sold for only 20 pesos. ❤

writing my first The Sunday Currently entry. I am also writing a draft for the experience I had on attending an event yesterday, the Belle De Jour Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters.

listening to Love Begets Love of Persephone at Spotify. Only that I am not using my Coloud Pop earbuds because I got a new infection in my left ear.  I always get one. 😦 My iPhone is on loud speak mode, boo!. Love Begets Love is my all time favorite of Persephone’s digital album.

thinking about going home from a sleep over already, but suddenly, it rained. Epic Fail yung ulan!

smelling home made french toast awhile ago. Yum yum!

wishing that I can save a lot of money the soonest. I’ll start working again and my plan is to save money so I can start with my dream food cart business.

hoping for my boyfriend and their band’s success. As always.

wearing an Aztec leggings and a blouse now. Two unusual clothes I wear while at home. It’s cold, that’s why.

loving the cold and gloomy weather, but not loving that I can’t go home. :-p

wanting French Toast with lots of melted butter. French Toast of Starbucks will do also. 

needing to get out from bed to eat. Lying down and eating are two of the things hard to weigh which will win. Hahaha.

feeling great today! I hope you guys are feeling great this Sunday, too! ❤

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines


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