Bella Quote Guides at BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters


August 8, 2015 – Belle De Jour Power Planner held its last BDJ Rendezvous for this year, the BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters.

When I learned that A Woman Who Matters is the last BDJ Rendezvous, I did not hesitate to join and score an invite. Have you, bellas also attended?

IMG_5951The event featured three Women Who Matters (*like us) who all shared tips based on their line of career and their journey. Here are their own quotes that have made marks on my mind.

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“Dressed the way you want to be addressed.”

Nikki Duque, a celebrity make up artist and a beauty blogger thought us how to look chic and gorgeous while still looking professional in her Put Your Best Face Forward talk. The talk focused more on corporate make up.

Sharing with you Nikki’s do’s and don’ts for the corporate bellas:

Don’t s

  • Don’t use fake lashes in the office.
  • Don’t fixate on embellishing up to your eyebrows.
  • Don’t fake bake any complexion changing beauty products.
  • Don’t use frosted or glittery lip tint.

Ms. Nikki mentioned that these don’ts shall be saved for weekends. But then, she added that women who wear make up are more likely to be promoted. So here are her do’s.


  • Foundation – use a good primer.
  • Eyebrows and Eyelashes – avoid strong harsh looking ones.
  • Blush – avoid shimmery blushes.
  • Lips – natural looking shades.

5 Makeup Ground Rules

  1. Should stand the test of time.
  2. Has to be low maintenance and easy to be able to complete when in a rush.
  3. Should enhance and not hide who you are.
  4. Shouldn’t be distracting
  5. Makes you feel comfortable and amazing.

lazada logo

make up2.

“You can never learn and know everything.”

This talk is one that interests me most, because as you know, I am dreaming to have my own business. This one is Thea De Rivera’s Finding Your Passion, Making Your Mark discussion. Ms. Thea is a young entrepreneur/restaurateur who is the part owner of The Grill and the Bull and 12/10. Her boyfriend is her partner in the business. She said that you have to give 100 percent in everything you do. She also mentioned that starting and running a business is not easy and  you have to have a mindset that you may make mistake.

I like her message (in my own words) that if you have tried everything you can do into something you aim, but still fail, it may be the time to try something new.  Ms. Thea told us her story that she used to fail interviews before when she wanted to enter the corporate world, this is the reason why she decided to engage in a business.


There is nowhere to go but up!”

Last but not the least who gave inspiring messages is Melissa Gohing, a lifestyle blogger and most importantly, an athlete. She is a fitness enthusiast and has been inspired more on exercising when she had slipped disk. For bellas (like me) who are afraid to exercise because of health issues or just being afraid to try, Melissa said “stop saying you can’t, you can.” She noted the benefits you can get by exercising, among these are weight loss, healthier brain, stronger bones, better skin health and decreases health risk. She added that exercising will make you happy. 🙂

On #GohingToBeFit: Exercises To Try

  • Crossfire
  • Pilates
  • Spin Class
  • Kick Boxing


BDJ, aside from the inspiring talks, has made all bellas happy because all get to win awesome raffle prizes and prizes from games. I won a 500 peso worth of Dermclinic gift certificate! Bellas like me also savored a yummy meal specially made for us. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, one of the brand partners gave each bella a #cbtl notepad and a free CBTL 3 in 1 Ready Coffee.

The event’s host is PBA’s beautiful and lovely court side reporter and event host, Apple David.


Conducting these kind of event like of BDJ Rendezvous make bellas like us appreciate more of our role and existense. It is something that boosts us. The talks and the speakers selected by BDJ of course are something to look forward to.

I get to meet  three beautiful bellas in the event.  I have been a BDJ Power Planner user for more than a year now and this has been my first time to join the BDJ Rendezvous. And I guess, quote me….


the first will not be the last.”

from left: mommy Rachel, me, Janna and Shishi | i got the photo from mommy Rachel. She’s a bubbly lady ❤
After the event, each bella got a pink loot bag with lots of freebies. ❤

Thank you Belle De Jour! I am sure all the bellas who attended enjoyed the event like me! ❤


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