Blogging Challenge: What’s in your bag?

day 9 – what’s in your bag/wallet

Things inside a woman’s bag are things she consider essential for a day of survival. The bag is like a safe haven of all things important. What a woman carries in her bag can definitely describe who she is, too!

I have lots of things inside my bag/purse, and randomly, the things I bring changes. It depends to where I am going and what event it is. Minus the receipts and bus tickets, here are my all things essential whenever I am out in long hours.

Inside my favorite Secosana bag are:

11880067_10204762216479018_1231444208_nEarphones – I tell you, whenever I forget my earphones I feel like my day is incomplete. I really need it especially during long travel time.

Pond’s BB+ Cream – When I got a free Pond’s BB+ Cream and tried it, I fell in love instantly. I can use it as a primer on my face or it can be my foundation alone. I just love how it works on my face. [check out my review here]

Make Up Kit- so basically, my make up kit comprises of my lip cream, blush on and eye shadow.

Meds – I always bring paracetamol with me because it can ease headache and just in case I have fever.

iPhone/iPad – for entertainment and communication. 🙂 I like using the iPad for blogging rather than my iPhone. Obviously, because the screen is bigger.

Pen – I think it is essential to bring pen every time you go out. Sometimes when I am bored, I doodle and write phrases to kill time.

IDs – I know all of you would agree that we have to bring atleast one or two ids.

Toiletries – as a working girl, the toiletries I always have are tissue, facial wash, toothpaste and toothbrush.

My bag can be a little messy, but I see to it that my bag essentials are still there. It is very important that you have a list of what you shall bring on a daily basis. How about you? What’s inside your bag?

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