The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

Today, marks the last day of my being a bummer. I have been unemployed for about 4 months now. Well, unemployed in the sense that I am not linked to any company. For the past months, I earn from freelance works, only. Thank God, there are people who trust me with my craft. ❤ Today also is the second time I’ll blog about my The Sunday Currently!


reading – the list of my requirements that I need to submit tomorrow on my first day at work. I have completed my requirements last week. I went to Bureau of Internal Revenue, East Makati last Thursday to update my RDO code. Luckily, I have all the government I.D.’s the HR Staff is asking so I didn’t have to get those. I am all set!

writing – may be minimal but I will still try to post regularly. I have a WordPress application on my iPhone so I guess I can still write during breaks at work. But yeah, it’s hard to write using the app only, it’s hard to format texts. 😦

listening – to Wildest Dreams of Taylor Swift. I believe this is her next single that is scheduled to have a music video. I am excited!

thinking – of putting up a raffle for beauty products I am not using. Some products I got from raffle and some from panic buying. What do you think?

smelling – petrichor. I think it’s going to rain. The clouds are getting darker also.

wishing – I had prepare my meds for my monthly dysmenorrhea attack. <sigh> Monthly period always gives me this. Because I was not prepared I had to go to the drugstore while suffering this painful attack. 😦

hoping  – everything’s going fine on my first day at work tomorrow.

wearing – sleeveless top and shorts. Comfort at it’s best!

Lazada Philippines

lovingand enjoying the feeling of my hair being comb by my sister Bianca. Yes, a total relaxing feeling!

wanting  – to eat lots of cholates! <nibbling Nips milk chocolate now.>

needinga great rest today because I had to wake up tomorrow by 4:00 am and get out by 5am so that I won’t face the evil traffic at EDSA.

feelingsleepy… :-p

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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