The Sunday Currently | Vol. 3

Lazada Philippines

I remember posting a status on Facebook which I said “Ang tunay na babae marunong mag-plantsa.” and I believe I also posted “Ang tunay na babae marunong mag-laba.” Those are witty posts, yes, and I posted those because I am doing those chores that time. My mom didn’t taught me how to do these [chores], I just learned while watching her. We are six in the family, my mama, papa, and my 3 siblings so when I got old like I believe when I was in college, I volunteered to do my own laundry. I also press my own clothes. I wanted to help her and make her chores minimal. And I do those chores until now as a working girl.

Today, I just finished my laundry! πŸ™‚


reading – a lot about Canon – the company and the products. I have to because it’s where I work now. P.S. It’s kinda ironic because the DSLR I use is a Nikon product not Canon. :-p


listening – to Night Drops of Up Dharma Down while eating and while writing this post. I love multi-tasking! Hahaha.

thinking – of what will happen tomorrow. Last week, I had to bond with my new office mates from different departments of the company. We attended the company orientation and of course we are endorsed to our respected departments. For the past days I have been enjoying the company of my new office mate Abby. This lady is so bubbly and intelligent. πŸ™‚

me and Abby while on break. πŸ™‚

smelling – the yummy smell of Adobong Manok in front of me.

wishing – it won’t rain today. The weather is a little gloomy [and it’s been that for few weeks now]. I just finished my laundry as I have mentioned so cross fingers it won’t rain so I could press my clothes later.

writing – few blog entries today. I have to catch up!

hoping  – I would get used to waking up too early. I had to wake up by 3:30 am everyday since I wanted to avoid the traffic at EDSA. I work at Mckinlley Hill, Taguig now and it’s really far from my home here at Fairview.

wearing – a flowery designed shorts and an over-sized t-shirt. A white t-shirt. I have this fascination with white shirts. I think I look good in it! :-p

loving – the free WiFi here at home. Hahaha!

wanting  – to lose weight and I think it might happen sooner! For Mckinlley working people out there. You know what I mean here. Have you tried walking from the Mckinlley jeepney drop point up until Venice Piazza? My gosh, it’s a long walk! I think it consumes at most 12 minutes of my time by that long and tiring walk.

needing – a new pair of shoes. Mapupudpod na yung mga flats ko kakalakad sa Mckinlley. Haha.

feeling – a little tired today.

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