Blogging Challenge: Best Trips of my Life

Day 10 – Best Trips of your Life

It’s a big world out there. It would be a shame not to experience it.


It’s been a few years since I swore to myself that I will travel while I still can to different places and discover the diversity of its people. I have always been a wanderlust. I don’t want being just stuck at home. I want to explore and see the beauty of nature.

I remember one of my most memorable trip is when I went to Cebu for a business trip. I had to go to Cebu and work while others are enjoying their long New Year’s vacation. That’s one reason why it’s memorable. I stayed there for 2 days from January 3 to 4.  While in the plane, my feeling was ecstatic at first because it was my first time to ride an airplane! But then, by the time that we reached half of our travel, there was a turbulence due to bad weather. So it’s a mix of a great and bad experience. Wah!

Lazada Philippines

I also remember my Batangas 2014 trip with my boyfriend. It was our first time to have a vacation in the province. It was well planned, by me of course. He always let me do the planning. 🙂 We stayed at Marlou Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas. We went there to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. ❤


My first visit at Cagbalete Island is something I also treasure. Again, me and my boyfriend went there for our anniversary. That was our 4th Anniversary. It was last January this year. . Cagbalete Island is a very beautiful island at Quezon Province. I enjoy wandering the beach during low tides. I get to walk far from the shore and see different sea shells and starfish, too! It is an island where electricity is powered by a generator and there are times that there is no electricity. It makes you enjoy more the nature without the distractions from your smartphones or social media accesses. By the way, we already plan to continue celebrating our anniversary thru traveling


Traveling makes me happy and not to mention it makes me a good challenge taker. Sometimes, there are instances that whatever planned may not fall into its right place and you just have to deal with it.  It happens, and it’s kinda self boosting when you can find a solution to this challenge, yes? You can also learn and appreciate different culture and make new friends. It’s a way of detoxifying yourselves from the stressful life at the city.


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2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: Best Trips of my Life

  1. Martine De Luna says:

    I loved this post, mainly because I have an inkling to travel again! It’s been almost two years since I was on a plane, and that was before I got pregnant with my second baby. I love your sentiment, about travelling being a challenge: It’s an awesome challenge, isn’t it? I hope to conquer more of my travel hit list soon, with kids in tow.


  2. Jane Rosewood says:

    I think traveling gives you so much. My blog is all about traveling so I can really relate to this post. I think you should experience solo travel as well. It’s a really amazing adventure that can enrich your life.


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