Review: Cheap and Long-lasting-Sophie Paris’ Magic Pink Cream

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Fact. I have never used a cheek tint before. Reason is, I am not used to the idea of putting liquid like blush on my cheeks. I always think it’s a little messy. But since I am now using BB Cream, I gave it a try.

Before, I am contented with powdered blush ons. Avon and Natasha blush ons are the only products I have used. Now, I am using Sophie Paris’ Magic Pink Cream. It is introduced and offered to me by a friend who has been using the product for years. Yes, for years. I told you, I am not a fan of cheek tints before.

Sophie Paris is a direct selling company just like Avon, Natasha, Boardwalk and others. [I personally believed for so long that Sophie only direct sells bags and wallets.] The company sells bags and wallets designed and made at France.

Want to know my thoughts about this product? Continue reading 🙂

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The pink cream is packed inside a box. For pink lovers like me, you’ll gonna love the packaging of this product. I think it is one of the reasons I bought it as well. It’s a  squeeze tube 10 ml cheek tint. Easy squeeze!




The texture is very creamy. It is whitish, but turns pink in seconds. Just look at the photo on top, the cream made a swatch already on my palm without me spreading it. Magic!


  • Make sure to put small amount of the cream on your palm.
  • Blend it on your cheeks using your fingers.

I said put small amount only of the tint on your cheeks. Why? Because, it can give you a natural pinkish cheeks with just a small amount. I had a problem at first on using it because when I saw that it is just white, I put too much amount of it. Hahaha. Anyway, it glides on your face smoothly and doesn’t give a strange smell.

Remember: Spread the tint as soon as you put it on your cheeks. Because it easily gives you marks if you have not blended it properly. I think this is one of the cons of this product, too. If you are not used to blending using your fingers like me, I suggest to put small amount first.

05:30 AM – With Magic Pink Cream applied on my cheeks


The Magic Pink Cream is a product I would recommend for girls who love pink cheeks. I instantly became a fan of this. What I also love about it is it stays long. It can give you tint even if you applied a BB cream base (I did that). I applied make-up prior my scheduled work hours and it is still visible when I took my lunch ( I only re-applied lip tint and little powder after my lunch!)and until end of shift!

p.s. sorry for the super close up photo. I am at the rest room. :-p

3:00 PM -as you can see, my face is a little oily already, but the tint is still there. 🙂


Of course! But because you only need small amount per application, this 10ml cheek tint will really last for months.


Sophie Paris’ Magic Pink Cream costs P95.00 pesos now. As per my friend, it costs P85.00 only before.


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