The Sunday Currently | Vol. 4

Lazada Philippines

Clearly, I have been hooked with cosmetics nowadays. Before, I only use one brand per cosmetics, but now I have atleast 2 or 3 of it. I started collecting and trying out different brands while I was still unemployed and all I do everyday is to blog.

Just this day, I had to clean up my kit and remove some because my kikay kit is getting crowded. Hehehe.


What am I up to?

reading – news today. So, Philippines has a national issue. And I am more concerned with the traffic the rallyist are causing.

listening – and talking to a Globe agent. I don’t wanna rant but Globe has been disappointing for few months now. They have given me a lot of inconveniences. Just yesterday, they had me waiting for a courier who will hand me my availed additional Globe phone line. Unfortunately, that courier never came! It’s a long story, I don’t wanna rant. 😦

thinking – of buying an elf lip tint. I seriously want to try it because I am seeing a lot of great reviews!

smelling – the sweet smell of my Victoria’s Secret perfume. I have collection of VS perfumes!

wishing – I won’t be late tomorrow.

writing – a reminder for all students wannabe of my boyfriend’s Drum Lessons service. One of his students today has just cancelled his lessons and one is late! They have to be reminded of the terms.

hopingΒ  – it’s already payday! My first day at my new work was last August 17, and my first payday will be on September 11! Yiih! I am excited!

wearing – my favorite pink Bench v-neck t-shirt. I now use it as pambahay because I accidentally put chlorine to it thus damaging the color. 😦

loving – that I was able to buy again my favorite eye shadow –FS Single Eyeshadow (Ash Bronze). Trivia, I don’t use it as eye shadow,I use this to define my eye brows. I don’t use eye brow pencil to define my brows.

wantingΒ  – a full massage! Well, I think I got used to being a bummer reason why I easily get exhausted now. Somehow, I’ll get used to be being a working girl again, soon!

needing – extra day between Saturday and Sunday! I think 2 days for the weekend is not enough for a tired bella. 😦

feeling – genuine happiness. I still have a hang over from the great day me and my boyfriend had yesterday. πŸ™‚

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Lazada Philippines



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