How’s your Belle De Jour Power Planner now?

Lazada Philippines


It’s almost end of month and we are already few months away till 2015 year ends! I bet Bellas like me have been busy already the past months. And for all the occasions and meetings we needed to attend, all dinner dates with friends, family and loved ones planned, all birthdays we have to be remember, our dear friend is always there. The Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner [see related blog here].

I printed my own stickers to design my planner.

The BDJ Power Planner as we all know has lots of good “pages”.  I have optimized most of it now. Have you, too? Take a look!

how’s your Dream Board?

The dream board is my most favorite part of the BDJ Planner. I finished designing it last March. I remember my blog post [see here] about this has been shared by the BDJ Facebook Page. I was very happy! I have accomplished  most of the things I included on my dream board, there are still some I need to reach. ❤


how’s your 2015 bdj checklist?


Have you asked your crush out for a coffee? Me, I asked my long-time-crush-slash-boyfriend. But he refused. He doesn’t like coffee. So it ended me drinking coffee and him eating doughnut.  Hahaha! But, yeah. How was your 2015 checklist? I think we have 101  unique and quirky things to do on the checklist. How many have you finished? Mine is 20, I still have 81 more to do for the remaining months of 2015!

make up
shop for Lazada make-up! Click the image!


11909809_10204843607313738_565079944_nBDJ will give free planner for Bellas who can use 40 coupons from the Perks of a Bella coupons. Receipt and signed coupon stubs are important to get the free BDJ planner. We just have to send these via snail mail to Viviamo Inc. until September 30, 2015. I am far on completing the 40 coupons so I know I won’t be having the free planner. It’s okay. 🙂 So far, what I always use are Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coupons, Parisian, Serenitea and Mister Donut.



DSC_0192Every month, the planner has tips for bellas. What is your favorite? Mine is February’s Five Ways to Love Yourself More. The article got me especially as the article says, “sometimes, you are actually the meanest to your own self. If you’re calling yourself fat while dressing up, just stop.” Yes, I used to call myself fat. And I just realized everything I am is something to love and something to be proud of.


I started decorating my planner last March. I had (and still has) a fascination with stickers and sticky notes so I decided to design my planner with those. I printed my own stickers and I made my own sticky notes fit to the planner. I also bought some sticker tapes! When I design my planner, I feel certain satisfaction especially if it is really cute. I also look for different calligraphy strokes and I use those also to design my planner.


Lol! I bet no! You can put your event reminders anywhere on the planner’s pages.

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We have our own ways to utilize the planner. We have our favorite pages. Have you put a lot of notes to your planner? Have you finished all the 101 BDJ checklist? Are you tracking your menstrual period using the menstrual tracker? Tell me your thoughts! Have a great day, Bellas!


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