Review: Kluge BB Precious Skin by Sophie Paris

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This is my second time to review a Sophie Paris product. Tonight, what I’m gonna share are my thoughts about Kluge BB Precious Cream. Kluge BB Precious Skin is manufactured by Sophie Paris. Reason why I purchased this is because I want to see which BB is better for me. I have been so hooked up with BB Creams since I have tried Pond’s BB+.

BB Cream I think is a must to every kikay kits. It works as moisturizer, base, and foundation in one. For me, I still apply loose powder after applying creams because I think it will reduce any oilliness the cream will cause after being on your face for long hours.



It comes in a box which I know most girls would love. The box is pleasing to my eyes because it is pink! Inside the box is the product itself. As you can see also on the above image, the cream is in a 20 ml squeeze tube. It is small, yes.

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By swatching, I get to check it’s texture, I noticed it is creamier than Pond’s BB cream. With this product, I chose to have the lighter one from the two shades, however, when I checked, it is still not that light for me. The shade I have here is LBBC1 Nude Ivory.

LBBC1 Nude Ivory
LBBC1 Nude Ivory

I swatched the cream and this is how it looks like. When you spread it, it will give you even skin tone. I still don’t know what’s the best shade I SHOULD use for my face but I like this one.



You can order this product from Sophie Paris dealers for only 165 pesos. I think it is cheaper from other brands which costs more than 200 pesos.


Kluge Precious BB Cream has a good coverage on my face. It can cover blemishes (which is my target when using bbs) so I’ll vote for a big heart ❤️ for this product. I may be wanting for a lighter shade but the LBBC1 works for now, so it is fine. What I seriously don’t like about this product is it’s smell. The smell is so strong and it stays for a while even if it was already spread on your face. One thing more also that I don’t like is the product’s name on the squeeze tube which is very sticky. I belive it is made of rubber and was stamped on the tube.

Overall, for girls who would want good coverage, I suggest you try this product. But if you are no, no for products with strong odor, might as well not to have this.

Whew. There are still pimple marks I know, but it has covered a lot. I badly need a facial!
Whew. There are still pimple marks, I know, but it has covered a lot. I badly need a facial!



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