Review: FS Single Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze

10171711_747248008629745_6428280397641901864_nOne of my make-up-must-do nowadays is the shaping of my eyebrows. Before, I tried using eye brow liners but I can’t perfect shaping it [my brows]. So I gave up… But, thank you to the beautiful sales lady who introduced to me my eyebrow’s now long time buddy, the FS Single Eyeshadow.

FS cosmetics brand is a cosmetics line launched by the Philippine’s famous professional make up artist and hairstylist, Fanny Serrano. It was first introduced in the public November 2003 and is a brand owned by Cosmetics Revelation Corporation. The brand offers affordable but good quality cosmetics.



I think, if my memory is right, I have been using FS Single Eyeshadow for more than six months now. Yes, it is an eyeshadow but it can be also used as an eyebrow powder. The reason why I settled with this product is because it is easy to apply especially with the help of my brush! I strongly suggest to have this kind of brush applicator [the one below].  The brush can easily copy the shape of your inner brow.



The packaging of FS products are so simple. Single Eyeshadows are safe kept in a box. The eyeshadow’s pan however is inside a black plastic but sturdy packaging. One thing you should know about this is that the pan is removable. You can remove the single eyeshadow and put it in a 4-pan palette. The palette can be bought separately from FS as well..

texture and shade

The shade I have looks like to have a matte finish whenever I apply. It has a thick powder texture but even it is thick-it is slightly pigmented so fall outs are still there. The shade I am in love to is Ash Bronze. This is the darker brown among the eyeshadow shades. Note: There are also eyeshadows that have shimmers but because I am using this for my brows, I chose the non-shimmery.


I would definitely recommend this product for those who are like me who’s having a hard time shaping their brows with eye pencils. It lasts long enough after applying. With my experience, with enough amount of it applied, it can stay for more than 5 hours. If using a wet brush, it lasts longer. Although it has pigmentation as it downfall, it still works good.

my brows with Ash Bronze eyebrow powder


Yes. I am lucky to have discovered the FS Single Eyeshadow. My eyebrows have been more beautified. With the affordable price of 195 pesos,  you’ll definitely get a good result.

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