The Sunday Currently | Vol. 5

Lazada Philippines

The Sunday Grind

No, I am not in the office and having some rest day over time, I am just here at home and doing my own Sunday chores.

Today is my grandfather’s (my mom’s father) birthday, but I am unable to join my family on paying a visit. The reason is, I need to finish all of my pending chores today. I just got home now after having me-time yesterday. I immediately did my laundry after dropping all my things on my bed. While composing this blog post, I am about to hang and dry my washed clothes and about to cook my lunch. Later, I need to press my clothes. There’s no time for rest!


What am I doing currently?

reading the news about Bloggys 2015.  Apparently, it is an awarding for best blogs/bloggers for every category.

writing my thoughts about the products inside the Olay loot bag Viviamo Inc., sent.

listening to the birds chirping. There are lots of trees in our house’s backyard. I guess the birds are enjoying. 🙂

thinking about the things I still need to finish today.

smelling the good smell of what I am a cooking today. I am frying some of the pork I marinated awhile ago. I am so hungry!!!

wishing that all blessings won’t stop pouring. 🙂

hoping to be able to deposit the shipping fee I need to pay by this week. I have mentioned before that I won BDJ’s post blog writing contest [see blog here] and because I can’t accommodate to go to their office to claim the price, I agreed to just have it delivered. But because I am too busy, I haven’t deposited yet. I need to pay for the shipping fee before September 17, otherwise, my price will be forfeited. 😦

wearing a shirt with the face of Popeye. Do you guys remember Popeye? “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man, poot poot!”

loving the nature feels today. Birds chirping, sunny weather… Hmm….

wanting to attend the Bloggys 2015. I want to cover the event and meet fellow bloggers!

needing to have some pedicure now. Badly!

feeling energetic and superwoman today!

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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