Review: Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam

Hello! This is a way too late review for this product since I got a sample of this early August. But I had to neutralized my face first with mild soap because you all know that I am using Nuderm Liquid Facial Wash [see blog post here]. I don’t want to get bad effects because of switching formulas and brands instantly, of course. After using mild soap for few days, I then tried the Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam.

Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam is designed for older skin. When skin ages, it becomes thinner and rougher and can easily develop wrinkles. This is caused by the person’s lifestyle, stress factors, habits such as smoking and diet as well. Basically, it is not just because of the normal aging of a person. We all don’t want older skin, or shall I say, we don’t want to look older than our true age.


experiences and thoughts
  • What attracted me most about this product is it’s packaging. I personally love the gold color of the squeeze tube.
  • I tried this first at night and squeezed enough amount of it. It actually has gold micro-particles/beads that are formulated to deeply exfoliate skin.
  • I felt the micro-beads when I applied it on my face. Micro-beads are actually something that I like about the Pond’s Radiance because I know it is effective on removing deep-seated dirt on your face especially those who wear make-up.
  • I actually don’t like the strong and annoying smell of it.
  • After washing my face, I feel the tightening on my face.


I can recommend this product for those who have dry skin because the deep exfoliation can remove dead skin cells. I had few dead skin cells peeled off. The micro-particles in it is very advisable for those who wear make up during the days, too!


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