Precious Hearts Romances presents Preciously Precious

The 36th Manila International Book Fair has just concluded its 5 day book fair at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex. Aside from the book fair, there are also events held at the area and one of those is the Preciously Precious event last September 20, 2015 of Precious Hearts Romances.

I am one lucky blogger these past days since I was invited to be at the Preciously Precious. I always see to it that I can make it to the event since being invited is such a privilege already. So when Ms. Lolei invited me, I did not hesitated, I told her I will attend.


After I saw the official poster of the event, all teenage memories came back. I remember my mom loves reading pocket books specifically Precious Hearts Romances (PHR). I tell you, we have boxes full of PHR pocket books. I think we have more than a hundred of those!

Fact: My mom was actually the reason why I started to love reading and admiring romance novels.

Preciously Precious is the launching of all the new books of the PHR writers. Von and Gayle are the bubbly hosts of the event. Prior to the event, readers of PHR pocket books registered at the registration area. When they got inside the activity area, they were welcomed with cocktails and food. A beauty booth is also set up courtesy of Encarnacion where girls get their beauty make overs. Girls got glam tattoos as well! ❤

Von and Gayle


Now, let’s go to what the PHR fans and readers are waiting for. The book launch! For those who were not able to go to  Preciously Precious at the 36th MIBF, check out the list all the newly launched romance novels!

First to be launched are the novels from the Wanderlust series. But before that, girls participated to a game were they have to fix the puzzle which turns out to be the cover art of all the novels from the Wanderlust series.

Wanderlust Series

The Wanderlust Series talks about four different woman, with different stories who agreed to meet in Sagada…

  1. Promise by Dream Grace
  2. Kiss by Victoria Amor
  3. Touch by Dawn Igloria
  4. Tears by Belle Feliz

From L to R: Belle Feliz, Victoria Amor and Dream Grace

Diary NG…

  1. 12016665_10204974829714216_1784727528_nDiary ng Chubby by Vanessa
  2. Diary ng Broken<3 by Heart Yngrid
  3. Diary ng Maganda by Victoria Amor

PHR Gothic Romances

Now, this is something new to me, the Gothic Romances of PHR. I actually purchased one from these books because I am a fan of gothic romances. Hehehe.

Venus Franz and Nikki Karenina talks about their Gothic Romance books
  1. Cursed Series: A wolf’s Tale by Nikki Karenina
  2. Hot Fangs Series 1: Dark Angel by Venus Franz

A Beautiful Heart Series

Luna King and Sofia
  1. Seven Stages of a Heartbreak by Maricar Dizon
  2. My Lock of Love Cannot be Broken by Sofia
  3. Of Hugot Memories at Marami Pang Iba by Luna King

Single Titles

  1. Loving Sunday By Belle Feliz
  2. The Return of a Forgotten Hero by Luna King
  3. STAID Trilogy: Unoconventional Love by Kensi
  4. The Breakers Corazon Sociedad: Bernard Buenaventura by Venice Jacobs
  5. Brak: The Bastard of Agron by Rose Tan
  6. Loving Hyde by Sonia Francesca
L to R: Rose Tan, Sonia, Belle Feliz, Kensi, Luna and Venice

The Virgins Pact

  1. Epic Memories: Maria Jesusa by Lush Ericson
  2. Epic Cravings: Maria Carmina by Luna King
  3. Epic Satisfaction: Maria Ilumina by Leonna
  4. Epic Desire: Maria Athena by Bridgette Marie


Ms. Rose Tan, author of the newly release book Brak  [which I was not able to buy because it’s sold out already!] won the dating game! Hahaha! She and model Kirst Viray will have a date all expenses paid courtesy of PHR!

Kirst Viray and Ms. Rose Tan
The event concluded with the author’s book signing and me hoarding books! Hahaha!

Kudos PHR! The event is a blast! I’m sure all of the books will be a success!

Thank you!


Press Kit
Yes! I bought Dark Angel and Loving Sunday!


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  1. laineyloveslife says:

    I think it was my eldest cousin who used to have a pocketbook collection! I was too young then and mom didn’t allow me to read adult books. 😁 This collection is more modern though and I might buy a few to surprise her this Christmas! 🙂

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