The Sunday Currently | Vol. 7

Lazada Philippines


Hello, guys! It’s been a while yes? And I must admit that my work has been eating up all of my time thus making me post limited blog updates. I have lots of ideas to share yet so limited time to do so. Anyway, just yesterday, I posted about Coloring Books for Adults [blog here], and if you would check that, I am no half way yet on my coloring. But now, I have already finished my first coloring which is the above photo. You can check the not blurred picture on my Instagram [link here]. And yes, coloring will make you relieve your stress. Try it!

What am I doing currently?

reading – The Hot Fang Series 1: Dark Angel of Precious Hearts Romances. Uhum. Yes, you read it right. PHR is not limited now to the traditional love stories, they also have gothic romance. 

writing – a draft of my recent food experience at Antipolo while writing The Sunday Currently | Vol. 7. Guess which cafe I went to!

listening – to God Gave Me You of Bryan White. Uhum. I am an AlDub fan. Hihi. ❤

thinking – what clothes I am gonna buy later because after long days of deciding, I already accepted the fact that I need new clothes. [hindi na kasya iba kong damit. waaah]

smelling – my oh so bango clothes. I have just finished my laundry today!

wishing – a great week ahead of me. No bad vibes, please!

hoping – that people would realize how strong their words are. Sometimes, they tend to be over speaking their minds not knowing how the words might hurt others.

wearing – a white shirt and a white jersey shorts.

loving – my new iPhone bumper and back case!

wanting –  to eat lots of chocolates. And thanks to my boyfriend because he gave me lots of Hershey’s Kisses last Friday and I still have some more. Yum yum yum!

needing – a new earpods. Last time, I said that I need a power bank but for now, I guess I’ll set aside that need first because music is more important!

feeling – excited for my shopping later!

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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