Cafe Adventures: Yellow Lantern Cafe Antipolo

It’s been a long time since I visited a new place to eat. I have long waited to have time and last Saturday night, the wait is over.

I have been communicating with my friend Yana lately because she is asking me a favor for their soon to happen wedding [I’ll keep the favor a secret first 🙂 ], and just few weeks while having a good chat, we decided to meet up and have a double date!

Lazada PhilippinesSince I wanted a new place to visit, I asked Yana what restaurants or cafe she can recommend which is at the vicinity of Marikina and Antipolo. Why? Because I have been noticing a lot of people posting photos of cafes from those area.

Yana recommended Yellow Lantern Cafe. Yellow Lantern Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of Comodaville Building at Mambugan Antipolo. You can go there by riding a jeepney at Cubao bearing the Antipolo Simbahan via Sumulong signage. Surprisingly, when I got to the place, I remembered I have been seeing that place before. And the place (Comodaville) has improved a lot. It has grew into a great restaurant and cafe spot.

Yellow Lantern serves Asian dishes. Me and my boyfriend, Budjie are so hungry so we ordered immediately when we arrived. Walang hiyaan to! Hahaha.

Yellow Lantern Cafe highlights:

  • Interiors
  • Lanterns
  • Overlooking sight
This cafe has an overlooking spot

What we ordered

Yana recommended Kalderetang Kambing  when I asked what is the best seller. My boyfriend wanted to try it so he and Lance (Yana’s fiancé) had it plus a serving of rice good for 3 to 4 persons. Hahaha. The Kaldereta costs 359 pesos. I tried it and it is good plus the meat is so tender! Woohoo. To think na hindi naman ganoon katagal na-serve. It was cooked well. Budjie said it tastes like beef.  >.<

Kalderetang Kambing | 359 pesos

I ordered one if their bestsellers as I have seen on their menu, that is the Sweet and Spicy Spareribs. For the 268 pesos I paid for it, I think it is quite bitin. Super mabuto talaga. I know it’s spare ribs but I did not expect it was like that. It is not too spicy, I didn’t get the sweet and spicy should-have taste. But, it’s yummy naman on how it was flavored. The rice is tasty and the veggies are good, thank goodness.  Yana ordered Salisbury Steak as she is craving to try it. It’s good and looks well done from my persepective. And I think Yana enjoyed it. Haha. She finished it all! I have to commend how the Ala Carte dishes are served. Thumps up!

Sweet and Spicy Spare Ribs | 268 pesos
Salisbury Steak | 245 pesos
Mahiwagang Palayok. Char! Haha!

Okay, I am amazed with Yellow Lantern’s interiors. It’s unique. There is a bar and they serve alcoholic drinks as well. It’s a place where people can unwind, celebrate and enjoy. The overlooking spot is a highlight especially at night.  The cafe is spacious so it can cater large groups, too! Foods are served fast and the servings are really big. I think it’s a good spend of money, too except for the spare ribs. Or, maybe, I just expected too much from the spare ribs.

I have this thing that I always feel sleepy when lights are low and yellowish. Uhm, basta! So it’s my issue when I got to the place, but if you have good people to have a good chat, you’ll never get sleepy. We promised to do this double date again. So, that means, it’s a new adventure to have! ‘Till next time, food lovers!

BTW, let’s congratulate my two friends, Yana and Lance for their 2016 wedding! I am happy for both of you!

Yana, me, Lance and Budjie (plus a pabebe wave)
and more pabebe waves. Hindi niyo sila mapipigilan. :-p

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3 thoughts on “Cafe Adventures: Yellow Lantern Cafe Antipolo

  1. Carl Anthony Bautista says:

    Hi Ms. Aika! Thank you for this blog, BTW, this is Chef Carl of Yellow Lantern Café, thank you for the comments, and I want to apologize for the spare ribs, we already improved and changed the supplier of our meat, our spareribs now is meatier and less bony, you should try the baby back ribs or the whole BBQ ribs, umaapaw in Paellera, BTW , I want to invite you and your boyfriend, family and friends on our soft opening of our new branch on March 12,2016, it’s located near Antipolo church/Cathedral, ML Quezon Street, we’ll be giving discounts on our opening day, and there’s new dishes on the menu that you should try.

    Thank you again ma’am, we need bloggers like you to improve our food and service, thank you so much!! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aika loraine says:

      Hi, Chef Carl! Thank you for appreciating the blog post. That’s good to hear. Congratulations on the new branch. Does it have an overlooking spot too? Nevermind though! Thank you for inviting and I think I can make it since it’s a Saturday. 🙂 would love to give the spare ribs a try. And uhm. The “discount” is inviting. Hehehe. Just have to know how to go there. Is it okay for you to give instructions? I am coming from Cubao. You may send the instruction here or via email


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