Be Pop with Coloud Pop Transitions

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I know these headphones have long been released in the market but for those who are thinking of purchasing a good headphones, then read this post. πŸ™‚

28 weeks ago, Budjie (my boyfriend) gave me a present that comes in a triangle shape packaging. It is the Coloud Pop Transitions in-ear headphones. I am actually a little picky now on buying earphones. I have been picky because of my boyfriend. He is a musician (a drummer to be specific) that’s why he knows what’s pleasing to the ears, and what’s not. So, gaya-gaya ako. Lol. Naturuan lang. Long ago, what I just want is something that produces a loud sound. And oh, need I mention that I used to hate in-ear headphones before? It always fall off my ears!

You read it right, Coloud Pop is an in-ear headphones so if you are a hater of caps, don’t worry, I used to, too! But since Coloud Pop comes with small, medium and large caps – you can definitely know which will fit your ears.Β  So, as you can see, the packaging is plastic that bears the design of it. Inside it is the headphones itself, manuals and a sticker which is the logo of Coloud. As far as I know, Coloud was a partnership between Nokia and Zound, so the predecessor packaging has Nokia brand printed on it. I don’t why now there isn’t.

Gift. 😍 My own Coloud Pop. πŸ˜€ 🎢🎧

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I have loved this headphones because of the quality of the sound. I like the bass sound it produces. The quality of sound is very detail. Good quality of music flow through your ears too well you wouldn’t want to remove it then! It is a beast as it eliminates the noise around you making you focused on your music.


Now, I already got my 2nd Coloud Pop, my first one is being used by my boyfriend already. He does not mind that it’s fuchsia as long as the sound is great! Hahaha. Anyway, my second is in purple. I wanted for a fuchsia, again but it seems like this headphones are getting sold out on most of digital stores so when I saw one even if it’s not the color I want, I just bought it. Who cares! >.<

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Zound Lasso

-Zound Lasso as told by Coloud is waiting for patent. It is the what they call tangle-free system. The L-type plug can bend 180 degrees so it can hold your headphones when not in use.



  • you can call your friends or accept a call on the go and can use it for recording as well.


  • full click = stop / pause / answer calls / hang up
  • double click = while listening to music — Next >>
  • triple click= while listening to music — Previous <<

You just saw my second Pop. Aside from the good quality, it is also stylish. The cable is a flat and most of the materials used are plastic. What’s good with this is that it always comes in one year warranty. As per the sales lady, Coloud will replace your broken headphones with a new one provided that you have your receipt. Isn’t that great?

For the mall price of P895, this product is definitely worth it!

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