Western-Inspired Fashion Trends

Guest Post by Hannah Madsen, Editor-in-Chief, EQL

Western fashion isn’t just for cowgirls and cattle-wranglers. Many of today’s hot fashion trends happen to be western-inspired. EQL, an online destination for fans of authentic equestrian apparel and lifestyle, has put together a list of some clothing and accessories that have ties to the Wild Wild West.


Named one of the four pieces you should definitely have this summer by WhoWhatWear, turquoise is found in regions with little rain where water seeps through natural rock and interacts with copper deposits, so it’s no surprise there’s plenty of it in the West. Native Americans were the first to discover turquoise and craft it into jewelry.

Turquoise by House of Harlow


Fringes are being seen on everything from shoes to jackets, and Refinery29 is embracing it to the fullest, and urging everyone else to have some fun with it, too. Native Americans in the West created garments with fringe to serve as a type of gutter that repelled rainwater. Fringe was a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, or strips, and was often found on garments made from suede, leather, and buckskin.

Kendall Jenner Fringe
Kendal Jenner Fringe Skirt


There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans, and we’re seeing more and more celebrities and tastemakers double up on his or her denim, and GLAMOUR approves.  Denim dates back to the 1800s when gold miners wanted clothes that were strong and did not tear. A man called Leob Strauss partnered with a Nevada tailor to patent an idea for putting rivets on stress points of workman’s waist high overalls, known now as jeans.

Gigi Hadid Denim

Western-inspired fashion is not leaving anytime soon. In July 2015 Tom Ford debuted a chic, Western-inspired fall 2015 ad campaign that includes plenty of patchwork, denim, suede, fur, fringe and leather.

Hanna Madsen is the Editor in Chief of EQL.CO EQL.CO is an online destination where authentic equestrian apparel meets street wear. Get a head start on equestrian-inspired trends and insights from around the world.


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