The Sunday Currently | Vol. 8

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Everything seems to fall into its right places nowadays. And blessings have been pouring. Just yesterday I had a meeting with one of a Multi Channel Network’s (MCN) Network Manager for a possible partnership with them. All of the things discussed are good. I can monetize with it, I can gain more traffic, I can show to a wider audience all about my thoughts plus they are a well-known and big company. The only thing I have in mind and the reason why I am doubtful is what I have to do. This is actually a partnership with an MCN for Youtube. And when it’s about Youtube, it’s all about videos. So yes, to cut it short, I have to do VLOGS which I have never done before. Although I know that shooting videos is just easy, but editing might be the hard part. How can I make a rough video appealing? Do I have the skills? Hmmm. This will be a tough one.

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reading –  nothing at the moment. I have just woken up from a very long sleep. It’s only on weekends that I can sleep a lot especially now that I am working.

writing – just about my The Sunday Currently series. But, I am thinking of writing few more entries and just schedule it for posting  on the following days. Good idea, yes?

listening – to Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield. Do you remember her? She is the new girl bella on the movie hit Pitch Perfect 2. This song has been in  my playlist for few weeks now. I just love it!

thinking – if I am gonna accept the offer to me. What do you think, guys?

smelling – toasted bread. Waaahhh. I am hungry! To think that I got so full yesterday after having a SaturDATE dinner with my boyfriend at Tong Yang. You read it right! At Tong Yang. Oh, how I love buffets!

wishing – I will be able to save money starting on Friday. I think I have had enough shopping these past days. No, it’s not impulse buying. As I have been mentioning before, I really new clothes.

hoping – that those who officiated the Philippines vs China Fiba Asia Championship would be fired! Their dirty tactics are obvious! They are biased! Even NBA 24/7 Facebook page noticed it! Hmp.

screen grabbed from NBA 24/7 Facebook Page

wearing – a white shirt (as always) and a flowery shorts.

loving – this weekend I had. I just feel overwhelmed. 🙂

wanting –  to laugh hard because my boyfriend challenge me with a riddle but I immediately got the answer after I read it. Turns out he didn’t even know the answer to it. 1 point for me! Hahaha! Below is the riddle.

Riddle me this:

I am first in earth,

second in heaven,

I appear two times in a week.

You can only see me once a year, although I’m in the middle of the sea. What am I?

needing – none at the moment.I mentioned I need a new earpods last week, and ta-dah! I have one already. Thanks to my very thoughtful boyfriend. ❤ [Review of my new Coloud Pop Transitions here]


feeling – great after a long sleep!

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