Collaborate with Aika Loraine

Hi guys! I have great news! My blog accepts:

☑️guest posts

For guests posts, please check my blog contents so you will know if your article fits on my blog.


Sponsorship for products are very much welcome and I will give a review of that as well. Returning the favor 🙂

☑️event invites

Oh, how I love attending events! Just a reminder, for now, I attend events scheduled on a weekend. I cannot accomodate weekdays because I also have a regular work. But if that’s in the afternoon, we can talk about that!

☑️collabs (with other bloggers)

Feel free to contact me for a collaboration post. I write most about food, travel, make up and products and events.


Send me your banner images for free advertising. Just be sure to promote my blog and other social media sites on your page. 😉

Email me at for inquires.

Aika Loraine supports Ventures of the Vixen. Check out her blog by clicking this banner.

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