Swipe and Pay with GCash Mastercard

Oh, do you like to purchase that item on that online shop but can’t because it requires credit card for payment? Wanted to download the Uber application but your debit card isn’t part yet of the accepted cards? Worry no more, because Globe is here to save you!

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a card issued by your chosen bank which you can borrow money to use for purchases. It usually has a grace period in which you are required to pay for the borrowed amount and can be in staggered payment or one time. Once you have not paid the borrowed money on time, interest fees shall apply. There are times that transaction fees are charged for every purchase as well. Some online shops especially eBay and other international online shops require credit card or PayPal. Although PayPal is like a virtual bank which you can link to your debit card, the downside of this is you cannot transfer cash to your own account. So, you are left with credit card as the only option.

What is a Debit Card?

A Debit Card when used for purchases directly deducts the money you have in your bank.

  1. Credit Cards are very hard to obtain especially if you are not able to meet the bank’s requirements.
  2. Some people chose not to get one because they are afraid of debts, the interests and others.

With those main reasons, yet, there are times that we need it especially to this technology era.

What is a GCash MasterCard?

A Gcash MasterCard is simply a GCash prepaid card under license with MasterCard linked to a GCash Wallet. Since it is linked to GCash Wallet, it can be used for POS purchases and ATM withdrawals. Most importantly, because it is a MasterCard, it works like a credit card (in a way in terms of purchasing through a merchant) and accepted in MasterCard accredited merchants worldwide. It helps you shop securely from merchants that accept MasterCard. Aside from that, you can also use this on purchasing applications on Google Playstore or Apple AppStore. A GCash MasterCard means that the funds in your (GCash) wallet are the same as the funds in your MasterCard. Therefore, you can budget and spend wisely!

You can put funds via:

  • GCash Outlets
  1. – Villarica Pawnshop
  2. – Prime Asia
  3. – Tambunting Pawnshop (Antracs)
  4. – Tanglaw Pawnshop
  5. – D’ Asianhills Bank
  6. – First Valley Bank
  7. – GM Bank
  8. – Rang-Ay Bank
  9. – Cantillan Bank
  10. – FICO Bank
  • Mobile Banking
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • BancNet ATMs
Globe GCash Mastercard Kit

 For my avid readers, if you could remember , I got my MasterCard at the BDJ Box Beauty Social 2015 Global Glam at Glorietta [event details here]. . You can get yours by:

Step 1: Going to any Globe Caravan listed here: https://www.globe.com.ph/gcash/products-and-services/gcash-mastercard

Step 2: Fill-out the GCash form.

Step 3: Present a valid ID.

Step 4: Give the payment to the cashier to purchase the card.

I got the card for 150 Php were the 50 pesos was credited as my GCash wallet balance. But, don’t be confused because there is no maintaining balance! The card will be given to you the same day. I think it only took 10 minutes to finish my application that day. I was asked to register to GCash and activate my MasterCard, too. Below are the steps to activate.

  • Dial *143#.
  • Choose GCash
  • Activate Card
  • Enter 16-digit Card number found at the front of the card.
  • Enter three (3)-digit CVC code found at the back of the card.
  • Enter card expiry date.
  • Change your pin.

You will receive the notification once you have successfully activated your card. Anyway, the kit I got has a free TM sim card which you can opt to use as your GCash number. But if you are more confident to use your present Globe number (which I did), that’s okay.

I just tried using my Globe MasterCard last Sunday to sign up to Apple Music. And yes, it was accepted as a payment method. I can now also purchase on iTunes. Thanks to the amazing Globe MasterCard!


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