The Sunday Currently | Vol. 9

Lazada Philippines

Hello! Sundays are the time I can write a lot. So I am happy to write about my Sunday today. I just arranged all my books awhile ago because I need to. I bought new books and the way I arranged it (my book collection) before was so messy. Hahaha. What am I doing currently?

reading –  a lot about Calligraphy. I plan to share why people are being hooked to this art.

writing – The Sunday Currently and my recent food adventure at Maginhawa.


listening – to the noise made by a nebulizer. At the age of 1 year and 3 months, we knew already that my nephews has an asthma. 😦 We are a family who mostly has this. It’s too painful to see that my nephew’s already suffering from this hereditary condition.

thinking – and figuring why my laptop (sometimes) can’t read my iPhone. I need to get my photos from my phone!

smelling – sauteed garlic! Hmmm. I am wondering what are they cooking for lunch!

wishing – I have not seen that Adidas sneakers last night at a fashion store at Maginhawa! Oh, I am dying to have that!

hoping – I would perform well on the new task assigned to me at work. I don’t want to do anything bad! Lol!

wearing – my favorite pink V-neck t-shirt and shorts. I just finished washing my laundry and my clothes are a little wet. hahaha.

loving – that I have started saving money already! Yes!

wanting –  to eat. That’s why I am wondering now what are they cooking. I want to eat! I am hungy! waahhhhhhhhhh!

needing – a book shelf. From the books I already have now, it is already occupying most of the space I have allotted for it. sigh…

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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