The Sunday Currently | Vol. 10

photo from Belle De Jour Power Planner Facebook Page

Me and my bella friends were just talking about the supposed BDJ Fair today. We were actually wishing that it would not rain hard so the fair would push through. Unfortunately, typhoon Lando became stronger as it caused Signal No. 2 here in Manila. I knew that the fair was cancelled when I woke up at 3:00 am. My body clock did that because it is my usual wake up time during workdays. Then, I noticed that it is raining so hard so I checked my Facebook profile. That’s when I saw the image (on the left). Good thing BDJ announced it very early. I just hope that the new schedule for the event won’t be a work day.

So, because there is no fair to attend, what am i doing currently?

reading – news about the typhoon.

writing – about my verdict after using the Pantene Pro-V Hairfall control conditioner and shampoo sent by Viviamo. Check it out soon!

listening – to the gust of the wind. I am really afraid with this kind of rain and wind. The last time it happened, our mango tree fell down from the roots at our backyard. It is scary because it is a huge tree!

thinking – when would the fair be re-scheduled. I was too excited last night. But, safety is more important, yes?

smelling – champorado! I am cooking champorado now. It is best for this bed weather!

wishing – safety for all the affected provinces and areas of the typhoon Lando.

hoping – that I won’t get sick! I did my laundry awhile while it’s raining. I have no choice. I have to. I got wet by the rain while going to our garage to hang my clothes. Well, I took a bath after the chore. Crossed Fingers!

wearing – a shirt, my Winnie the Pooh pajamas and a jacket. wooh! It’s really cold! We just lost electricity here at Fairview. I think I could live with no electric fan with this cold weather.

loving – that I can rest for the whole day. 🙂

wanting –  to write a lot of articles today. Unfortunately, it’s brownout. I guess, I will just settle on writing a rough draft on a paper,which I don’t do as usual. Epic Fail! 😦

needing – some dose of my Usana supplements! I don’t want to get sick!

Oh! I just finished cooking champorado! Let’s eat!

Champorado for the bed weather while bloggig. 🍵☔️💭

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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | Vol. 10

  1. Aya says:

    I was to post something like this since tge event got cancelled.. but it’s alright. We’re planning to do a No Bake Oreo Vars instead… so it’s not too bad.

    Btw, we had the same breakfast, along with a hot pan de sal haha.. 🙂

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