Do It All with Pantene: Stronger and Shinier hair inside, out!

For us girls, hair is undoubtedly our crowning glory. I am actually a little unlucky because my hair is frizzy (especially when it’s short) and gets dry whenever I color it. Few months back, I went to the salon for a haircut and I really don’t like the result. Sobrang fly away… 😦 So after few weeks, I decided to have my hair rebonded. The result is good, however, as what happens always when I get a rebond -#hairfallproblems followed.

I am being honest when I would tell you that I have long been using Pantene shampoo and Pantene 3-minute miracle. I started to discover the magic of Pantene the first time that Viviamo/BDJ sent me free samples of the Pantene 3 – Minute Miracle Total Damage Care.

The New Pantene Pro-V Active Hair fall Control shampoo, conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle

Last October 10, I received another package again from Viviamo, this time, it is the new Pantene Active Pro-V Hair Fall Control shampoo, conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle. And because I needed some hair busters for my #hairfallproblems, this is like a package sent from heaven. 🙂

After a week of use, here is my verdict for this product.

Pantene Pro-V Active Hair fall Shampoo

IMG_7054The Pantene Pro-V Active Hair fall Shampoo has a sweet scent that I like. Usual shampoos with intense formula has an intense scent but Pantene doesn’t have it. What I like about Pantene shampoo is it does not give me flaky hair which I had with the other brand of shampoo that I use before. Aside from that, this new Pantene shampoo strengthens hair from base to tip. It also has Keratin Damage Blockers technology that prevents damage that causes hair breakage. With few days of use, I noticed that my hair fall reduced for atleast half. I only shampoo my hair every other day even though Pantene’s stated on their website that 98% of hair fall will be reduced with daily use.


I use the two products above alternately. I use conditioner everyday as possible because it reduces my hair’s dryness. Along with that, I love that the new formula of Pantene is dedicated for hair falls. These two products have a very sweet raspberry-ish smell that lasts on my hair. The only difference of these two is that you can just leave the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle for (of course  3 minutes) unlike the other conditioner which I leave on my hair for 5 minutes. However, both have the same wonder on making my hair shinier and stronger inside and out!

The Pantene 3 Minute Miracle is a little whitish than the other and has thicker texture.

What’s with the Pro-V formula?

• Strengthens the inside of hair at the structural level

• Lasting strength for reduced hair fall due to breakage

• Specially designed for daily use

Less Hair Fall!

I can recommend these products to girls who have frizzy, dry and brittle hair. The products are designed for daily use so you can get hair nourishment!

You can purchase the products at any grocery and drug stores or purchase it through Lazada. Click the banner below to purchase!



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