Blogapalooza 2015

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I could not explain how happy I am when I received an e-mail from Blogapalooza organizers that I made the cut at Blogapalooza 2015. Blogapalooza is an invite only event for bloggers and businesses. I know ‘Little Stories. Big Mind.’ is still not a well known blog, this is still young, but I made it.

What is Blogapalooza 2015?

Blogapalooza started year 2011 that aims to establish relationship between bloggers and businesses. It is just like launching event on products held in one place where bloggers can see it, promote through their blogs and network with businesses. It is the biggest business to blogger event here!

See you at Blogapalooza 2015 on Sunday, October 25 at One Esplanade, SM Central Business Park. Seaside cor Bay Boulevard, Pasay City.

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